Acme Rents for your Next Summer Event

Winter is over, and the cold air is starting to calm down. For a town like Grand Forks, that means it’s time to get ready for the farmers market, the block parties, and any other outside events that happen throughout the Spring and Summer seasons.

But setting up can be difficult, dangerous, and stressful, for any amount of reasons. You are having to deal with getting ladders or scaffolding to set up your decorations or banners and then having to get generators to provide power to any outdoor equipment. Not to forget getting any party supplies like tables, chairs, and tents for people to use during the event.

At Acme Tools, we can offer you all of these in one convenient stop at Acme Rents. There you can choose from the items you need at your event and parties as well as all the machinery you’ll need to set up. Save time from having to stop off at Walmart, Target, or Sam’s club to pick up tables, chairs, and tents that you’ll have to store somewhere afterward. With Acme Rents, get the best rates per day, week, or month, and return everything to one place and not worry about storage.

What Can I Rent?

For any events, you can rent from anything under the sun. Rent out equipment to help you set up quickly and safely with a variety of lifts to hang banners and other decorations. Rent out scaffolding to use if multiple hands, or lots of material, is needed for set-up. Then if you’re event needs power, you can also rent out generators to fit your needs.

But you aren’t limited to outdoor power equipment. Get coolers to hold hot or cold beverages, banquet tables, folding chairs, and even tents, to cover your next celebration. You can also get grills and even a fryer if you are expecting a big turn-out and need to feed a crowd.

If your event requires a presentation, a slide show, or some performances, you can also rent out some audiovisual equipment and a PA system at Acme Rents.

Where Can I Rent?

You can rent from four locations in the state of North Dakota and one location in Minnesota. You can choose from Grand Forks, Bismarck, Fargo, Minot, and Bemidji, and your closest rental location near you can help you pick the best items for you particular needs.

Why Go with Acme Rents?

When you need something local, there is no other place besides Acme. You could rent with other services, but you would have to go back and forth between the logistics of different stores and venues. If you are having an outdoor get together, you can rent all your stuff rent a truck or a loading bed and pack everything in one go.

Final Thoughts

When it’s time to set up for a block party or any outdoor event, you need the best equipment to get the job done. But you don’t have to buy it if you can rent. Get the best deals on items on a daily, weekly, or monthly rate, all in one place.

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