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Celebrate National Tradespeople Day

Everyone has been in a rough situation and needed somewhere to turn, whether you’ve had a flooded basement due to a burst pipe or hear a loud screech from your engine while driving your vehicle. Tradespeople are the ones you turn to during those trying times, and for the 10th straight year alongside Irwin Industrial Tool, we’d like to thank them for all their service and hard work.

Tradespeople are the unsung heroes of the workforce by providing for all of our daily needs. Imagine life without plumbers. How much more difficult would it be to take a shower or a bath, do your laundry, or wash your dishes without running water. The tasks can be done by hand, but only if you’re near a water source, and they’re much harder to accomplish. Plumbers allow us to branch away from those water sources by bringing the water to us.

Think of a world without electricians. Without electricity, water systems would fail, hospitals wouldn’t be able to operate, and all those phones, televisions, computers, and video games we love so much are suddenly useless. They keep the lights on so we can continue to do our work comfortably.

Carpenters provide buildings for us. Without them, we wouldn’t have places to get an education, go to work, go shopping, attend concerts and sporting events, and so much more. On top of all that, they provide the largest comfort in our lives, a home. A roof over your head is a basic part of survival. Life isn’t impossible without one, but it becomes much more difficult.

Working alongside carpenters are concrete workers. They pave our roads, sidewalks, basements, buildings, driveways, and so much more. They make your ride smoother, whether in your car, bike, rollerblades, or skateboard. Large metropolitan cities are littered with skyscrapers, stadiums, parking structures, and an intricate highway system to accommodate millions of people. That all is due in large part to the concrete worker.

There are also auto mechanics, metalworkers, woodworkers, and so many more. Mechanics keep our machines running smoothly, whether it’s something as simple as a dishwasher or as complex as a factory. Metalworkers provide products for a vast group of industries. They create parts for power generation, medical devices, cars, home materials, and so much more. Woodworkers may not seem like a big deal, but they provide many comforts in our life. The furniture you sit and sleep on or store your clothes in, cabinets, musical instruments are all items that aren’t vital, but we all greatly appreciate.

All of these jobs are demanding, dirty, and not always the most fun, but tradespeople show up rain or shine to ensure we have a roof over our heads and have access to all the amenities that make the world turn. Take a minute and think about all of the comforts that a tradesperson has built for you to provide a level of survivability and comfort. Don’t ever overlook them. Not only today but every day, show them you care. They deserve it.

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