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New Year, New Tools – Tools We Love in 2019

The new year is here, and that means more tools for you are coming out. Find out about some of the most anticipated tools coming out in our Tool Bucket List of 2019. Then some of our ideas for tools we want and wish to see come out in 2019. Have you ever wanted to…

New Bosch GAS20-17AH HEPA Ready Extractor

A HEPA Ready Extractor Designed For the Pros Bosch introduces their newest tool to help the daily trades professional manage with the danger of silica dust. The Bosch GAS20-17AH Wet/Dry Dust Extractor is an industrial-grade machine with 300 CFM maximum capacity. Able to filter fine dust, coarse dirt, and liquid debris from your work area….

New Bosch Laser Tape Measures

Have you ever tried to take a measurement with a laser, but the sun is so bright that you can’t even see the beam? You think you did it right, but then you realize you were actually pointing it in the wrong spot and now you have to redo it all. Never again! Introducing the…

Bosch GHO12V-08 12V Max Cordless Planer

The World’s First One-Handed Cordless Planer We all love doors that close easily as well as flat, smooth floors. We also love lightweight cordless tools that make our lives easier. Now, Bosch has created a new solution to all of these, by introducing the first-ever 12-volt hand planer. All the power you expect from a…

Bosch 18V Cordless HEPA Hand-held Vacuum Review

With a great job comes a great mess, and despite how some individuals may moan and groan at the thought of cleaning, it is a vital step in making hard work look nice.  Thanks to the new Bosch GAS18V-02 18V Cordless Hand-held Vacuum, getting rid of a mess just got a whole lot easier.  Bosch…