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Easy And Inexpensive Ways To Make Your Old Deck Look New Again

Your deck needs attention from year to year to maintain its structural integrity and aesthetic appeal. But did you know there are also many other things you can do to your existing deck to add to the functionality? We’re going to cover a variety of things you can do to add both functionality and curb appeal to your deck and nearby landscaping in today’s blog post.

Some tools you may need for the following projects include:

  • Safety apparel such as kneepads, back support, and safety glasses.
  • A variety of tools such as screwdrivers, sockets and ratchets, full hand-held tool sets, and measuring tapes.
  • Landscaping tools such as shovels, forks, shears for cutting and pruning, and water hoses.
  • Deck decor including furniture, flags, grills and many other functional items.

Generac Pressure Washer for cleaning your deckInspect, Repair, and Clean Your Deck

The deck takes a beating from the elements and can suffer serious water damage from rain and snow if you aren’t diligent. We recommend that you inspect, repair, and clean your deck every year. You also need to add a stain or sealer every two to five years depending on the brand you use and the manufacturer’s instructions.

Add New Deck Furniture and Decor

The possibilities of fun and entertainment on the deck start with your choices of decor. Comfortable furniture provides a relaxing way to enjoy nice weather and host family and friends for birthday parties or other events. Furniture with build-in storage provides a great way to store games and outdoor equipment to protect them from elemental damage. A pergola or partially-covered deck allows you to entertain or enjoy the outdoors in nearly any type of weather. Add a fully functional outdoor kitchen, and you’re good to go.

Update your deck area with a backyard fire pit.Add Fire or Water Elements

Both fire and water elements add a feeling of serenity to your deck. They add to the ambiance of the natural surroundings and introduce multiple topics of communications. A fire pit provides a great spot for marshmallow roasts or simply to relax after a stressful day with your favorite beverage. The crackling of the fire helps melt away the stresses of the day. Water elements such as a waterfall or a pond provide the same type of ambiance. Take your pond a step further by adding small fish that are fit to live in your area.

Create a Meandering Pathway

Implement your landscaping and lawn with your overall entertainment possibilities. Create a meandering pathway that borders your lawn and frames your landscaping. Plant a few extra trees and shrubs, and make sure your landscaping looks amazing during both day and night so you and your guests can make the most of it.

We believe that most decks can be completely refinished and revived with the right amount of attention. Take some of our ideas to heart if your deck has seen better days or you feel that it would be better off demolished. Call a local contractor for a professional opinion if you worry about the structural integrity.

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