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    How to Insulate Windows for Winter & Summer

    During the winter and summer, our homes may be too cold or too hot. Instead of spending large amounts on insulation for walls, ceiling, or flooring, or having your energy bill skyrocket, it may secretly be the windows that are the true problem. Installing insulation is simple and inexpensive. This easy and painless solution can Read More »

    The Avalanche Snow Removal System

    Avalanche Snow Roof Rake: Snow Removal System

    In 1977, Avalanche invented the gravity-dependent Avalanche Snow Roof Rake. Knowing it’s necessary to prevent structural weight problems and ice dams, the Minnesota based company created a snow removal tool that gets the job done. The innovative design saves users from both snow removal strain and damages to roof materials like asphalt shingles, solar roofs, Read More »

    Feature Image showing a person shoveling snow with a red plastic shovel.

    Prepare Your Home and Equipment for Winter

    As temperatures drop and winter approaches, winterizing your home and equipment shoots to the top of everyone’s to-do lists. Preparing your home and equipment adds an extra layer of defense against the bitterly cold season. Protect yourself and your home with Acme’s winterizing and preparation guide. Winterizing Equipment Before you store away your outdoor power Read More »

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