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Electric vs Gas Powered Lawn Mower Comparison Guide

The debate between electric and gas powered lawn mowers continues with the rise of battery-powered lawn care, and there are things to consider before purchasing. How big is your yard? Do you need or want a self propelled lawn mower? Having the right yard equipment makes all the difference in the appearance of your lawn….

Green, leafy vegetables growing in soil inside a square wooden planter box.

Square Foot Gardening for Beginners

Square foot gardening has revolutionized small space gardening since the early 1980s. With the recent increase in produce and grocery costs, square foot gardening has quickly become a buzzword as people are trying to find ways to reduce household costs. While the name implies the idea, let’s jump into more information, including what it is,…

What to Consider When Purchasing a Garden Tiller

With the price of groceries rising, you may consider cutting costs by planting fruits and vegetables. Regardless of what you’re growing, rich soil is required to yield healthy, plentiful produce. The easiest way to prepare your ground is to use a rototiller, also called a garden tiller, tiller, or cultivator, to break up the soil…

7 Hand Tools Every DIYer Should Own

Do-it-yourself projects can be daunting if you’re not sure where to start. With, what seems like, a never-ending list of tools you can purchase to complete your task, it can be hard to take the leap. Whether you’re planning on doing a few home renovation projects or you want to start a side business of…

Snackle box: The Ultimate Roadtrip Snack Hack

Meet the “snackle box,” the perfect portable snack tray. Snackle boxes are great for roadtrips, picnics, sporting events, or anywhere else you want to graze on the go. Snackle boxes are made by filling a compartmented toolbox or tacklebox, like the Makita MAKPAC Interlocking Case, with snacks and treats. The compartments keep your snacks fresh…

Easy Do-It-Yourself Holiday Decorations For the Whole Family

Finding activities to keep yourself and your family busy in the winter can be challenging. With temps dropping and snow blowing, sometimes being outside isn’t an option. Switch up your regular snow day routine with fun arts and crafts like the ones below. Bonus points – they’re holiday themed! Snow Globe Create your own winter…

How to Hang Christmas Lights like a Pro

Brighten up this Christmas season by adding some festive lights to the inside and outside of your home. If it’s your first time decorating or you want to revamp your current display, this guide will help you pick and hang your lights like a pro this year. Picking Christmas Lights Whether you’re decorating inside or…