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    DeWalt Battery Compatability

    DEWALT has released some sweet new batteries over the past few years. They currently run two primary voltage platforms for their large cordless tools: 20-volts and 60-volts.  DEWALT 20V MAX and FlexVolt – What’s the Difference? For those who haven’t been paying attention, DEWALT revolutionized cordless power tools in 2016 when they released the FlexVolt Read More »

    How to Dress For the Midwest (And Other Cold States)

    Grand Forks, ND is one of the coldest cities in the country. Living here you know that winter, the cold, and wind chill, is nothing to take lightly. Witnessing students, and people who are unfamiliar with the Midwest, experience their first winter is always a site. Then overhearing how some of them “prepared” for it Read More »

    Accessibility Tools