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    How to Insulate Windows for Winter & Summer

    During the winter and summer, our homes may be too cold or too hot. Instead of spending large amounts on insulation for walls, ceiling, or flooring, or having your energy bill skyrocket, it may secretly be the windows that are the true problem. Installing insulation is simple and inexpensive. This easy and painless solution can Read More »

    A Blackstone Griddle on an outdoor table.

    The Best Blackstone Griddles for Camping

    When you think of camping, you think of hot dogs and burgers. Cooking these items on a secluded campsite can be cumbersome, not to mention having to lug a grill there as well. Sometimes, the grill is rather small, so if you have a larger group, cooking can be a laboring task. That’s where Blackstone comes in. Their griddles are making cooking fun Read More »

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