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Top-Rated Snow Shovel Brands of 2022

Winter is right around the corner, and with that comes snowfall. Clearing snow from our walkways or in front of our garages isn’t fun, but it is necessary. You won’t want to wait until the last minute to pick up a shovel. Check out our current top-selling snow shovel brands: The Snowplow The Snowplow has…

A man starts a snow blower.

Off-Season Storage of Snow Blower

These steps will ensure your snow blower stays in tip-top shape during the summer season and you have less maintenance before the snow flies again. Drain Fuel Tank Gasoline breaks down over time, and keeping fuel in your blower can cause the carburetor and fuel lines to get gummed up. There are a handful of…

A snow blower is used to clear snow from a driveway.

Best Snow Blowers of 2021

Maybe winter is coming, or it’s already here; either way, it’s a good time to pick up a snow blower. Sure, you could break out the trusty shovel, but why do that when you can make things so much easier on yourself. Gone will be the days of back and arm pain once you get…

Different types of insulation sit on top of blueprints

How to Insulate Your Entire Garage

The garage is just a space for many to park their cars and store tools. They don’t view it as an area with so much potential. A garage can be a workspace, somewhere to host guests, or a place to just hang out it and watch a game. Your garage should feel like an extension…

How to Prepare Your Yard for Winter

With winter knocking on our door, fall is a perfect time to prepare your yard. Fall lawn care is extremely important for making your yard look healthy and colorful for next spring. There are many important steps in making sure your yard is ready to endure the cold winter. Following these steps will also gift…

Sprinkler system waters lawn

How to Winterize Your Sprinkler System

We’re almost at the time of year again where we have to make sure our home is prepared for winter. Being ready for the season will vastly help you get your home prepared for spring once the snow melts away. A huge part is having a healthy, colorful green lawn. Winterizing your sprinklers will help…

Kids jump into a swimming pool.

How to Winterize a Swimming Pool

It’s about that time of year that we have to start packing up all of our fun summertime toys and preparing for winter. You spent all Spring and summer ensuring your swimming pool was in tip-top shape, so don’t ruin all that hard work by not properly getting it ready for winter storage.  Winterizing your…

A list of ice fishing equipment needed this winter season

Ice Fishing Essentials at Acme Tools

As the new season approaches, head over to Acme Tools for your ice fishing essentials. Both new and seasoned anglers transition from fishing to ice fishing, and the equipment required changes too. We’ve put together a list of items needed in the winter fishing season to help you stay out on the ice longer, catching…