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Cleaning Rusty Tools

How to Clean Rusty Tools

Even if rust has built up on your tools for years, there are ways to clean them effectively without damaging their surfaces. This article summarizes the best rust removal solutions to help you learn how to clean rusty tools more efficiently—from chemical rust removers to homemade remedies and DIY techniques. So before you throw away…

Milwaukee STUD Tape Measure, A First Look

How does one measure a tape? By its length? By its durability? Its versatility? Why not all of the above? Introducing the all new Milwaukee STUD tape. Designed for maximum durability, these new tapes can take a walloping and keep right on chugging. Caught On Tape “This year we are taking durability to the next…

DeWalt Adds to Their Utility & Pocket Knives Selection

DeWalt Utility and Pocket Knives An ideal knife for work is portable, easy to use, has multiple functions, can be handled with one hand, and is always easy to find. For most pocket knives it can be a hassle to find two or three of these things on one. With DeWalt’s expansion on their knives,…