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Hand Tools

7 Hand Tools Every DIYer Should Own

Do-it-yourself projects can be daunting if you’re not sure where to start. With, what seems like, a never-ending list of tools you can purchase to complete your task, it can be hard to take the leap. Whether you’re planning on doing a few home renovation projects or you want to start a side business of…

DEWALT improves on the standard tape measure

The tape measure has been around job sites and home improvement projects since the early 1800s, 1829 to be precise, and since the 1940s, it has relatively been unchanged. In 2022 DEWALT added some needed improvements to its ATOMIC Compact Series of 16′, 25′, and 35′ Tape Measures. 5 Improvements to the DEWALT ATOMIC Tape…

Cleaning Rusty Tools

How to Clean Rusty Tools

Even if rust has built up on your tools for years, there are ways to clean them effectively without damaging their surfaces. This article summarizes the best rust removal solutions to help you learn how to clean rusty tools more efficiently—from chemical rust removers to homemade remedies and DIY techniques. So before you throw away…

Milwaukee STUD Tape Measure, A First Look

How does one measure a tape? By its length? By its durability? Its versatility? Why not all of the above? Introducing the all new Milwaukee STUD tape. Designed for maximum durability, these new tapes can take a walloping and keep right on chugging. Caught On Tape “This year we are taking durability to the next…