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Hand Tools

slideshow of the best tools to give as a gift to graduates

The Best Tools for After School

With graduation around the corner, you are stuck with what to get the grad. How do you get a former student ready for life after school? Money and gift cards are great but spent quickly. Words of advice is a good idea but how often do people take advice seriously? You could get them a…

DeWalt Carbon Fiber Sledgehammers and Axes

Not Another Carbon Copy Sledgehammers and Axes need to be reliable and sturdy. But that doesn’t mean that they aren’t prone to breaking. DeWalt has heard about these issues and is introducing a new series of hammers and axes that help improve on that problem. With their Carbon Fiber Axes and Sledges, they improve on…

Milwaukee® Ratcheting Combination Wrenches Review

The Latest and Greatest Since their founding in 1924, Milwaukee Tool has been committed to innovation and durability in their tools.  This April, they released their new Ratcheting Combination Wrenches, and proved once again how they have not given up on that commitment to excellence.  If you think that a wrench is just a wrench,…

Different Types Of Wire Strippers

Getting the right tools is essential with any type of project. For anyone doing electrical work, this is even more important, since poor wiring can cause injury or lead to property damage. The first thing you might realize when working with wires is that there are a number of different wire strippers. You might think…

Steel Fiberglass Hammer in Framers Pouch

Why Use A Titanium Hammer

Hammers are one of the most important hand tools anyone can own. Most general contractors, handymen, and tradesmen have a preference as to the type of hammer they use when they are working on a project. We often choose different types of hammers based on whether we’re building, finishing, or demolishing. While you may already…