BoWrench: The Must Have Tool To Build Any Deck

This secret tool that most contractors and deck builders don’t seem to know about. It isn’t elusive and can solve a big problem that they face every time they build a deck, patio, porch, or gazebo. This tool can fix the issue of crown in boards that can save time, money, and effort, on a project. What is this tool you might ask?

BoWrench: The Unheard of Tool That You Need.

When you build a deck, there are a plethora of steps you need to follow to get the job done right. First, you make the base, have the beams set, and the joists aligned. Simple and easy. Then when it comes to setting the wood for the floor, you notice that bend either at the end or in the middle, of one of the planks. If you have ever built a porch, patio, or deck, you know that a crown in a piece of wood can be a real pain. Now, you either have to replace it with another piece of lumber, which takes time, money, and extra effort, or have a worker or two hold it down so you can secure it, which will also take time and effort to have that set.

This issue could also be in more than just one board, which means this could be repeated multiple time on a job. Meaning you either buy an excess of wood to accommodate for the situation so you can replace it, which is never a guarantee the majority will be straight or have a few workers on the job help you set them straight, which can be simple or time consuming depending on how many people are on the site.

The Benefit of the BoWrench

The BoWrench is a simple and straightforward tool that makes either buying in excess or having a team to adjust a thing of the past. A problematic issue like a crowned board becomes a simple fix. The task is so easy that even one person could do it.

How Does It Work?

“It sounds too good to be true,” you must be thinking. Though it does sound like it is too good, the tool and its use can be backed up. It follows a simple method of force and pushes the board down to where it is parallel to the next board. Here is a quick breakdown of how the tool works.

  1. Secure the two prongs between a joist beam at your desired location. Preferably close to or pass the crown as you can.
  2. Set the free and moveable flat side along the board.
  3. Push down along the board using the lever until the board is at its desired position.
  4. Fasten the board to the joist and once fastened release the BoWrench tool from the joist

A crowned board secured firmly in a matter of four steps and with no extra help.

Final Thoughts

Whether you are working on a deck alone or if you have a crew this is a crucial tool that will do the job easier. Building any outdoors walk area can already be taxing and having to stop and redo a task can be taxing on your mind and your body. Eliminate those problems with the BoWrench board straightener and enjoy your excellent crafted area sooner rather than later.


  • Nick

    October 16, 2019 at 11:24 pm

    I have been using it for years and a half now. I’m satisfied with its quality. One of my friends introduces me to how BoWrench turns my worries into happiness when I used it.


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