How To Choose A Milwaukee Heated Jacket

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Before bundling yourself up with layer after layer until you can’t bend your elbows, there’s a simple solution to make your life a whole lot easier. Milwaukee has a line of heated apparel to help you get through the tough winter. Heated jackets are a great way to minimize bulky layering, the need to constantly go inside to warm up, and are great for both professional and recreational outdoor use.

The Milwaukee heated jacket and other apparel come in several different styles to match your needs. The heated jackets and vests have a higher voltage coursing through the elements than a normal heated jacket would, keeping you much warmer. If you don’t need the full dose of heat, you can adjust the heat setting controlled by an intuitive power button with color-coded LEDs to let you know what level you’re on.

All heated jackets and vests have a pocket to store your phone and charge it. They run-on M12 batteries, so they’re the perfect choice for anyone who already owns any M12-volt tools.

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What Is a Heated Jacket?

Heated jacket

Unlike any normal jacket, heated jackets offer extra warmth against the cold, hence the name. Heated jackets use tubes or wires made with carbon fiber that are spaced inside the jacket powered by a battery to produce heat and keep you warm during your outside activities.

How do Milwaukee M12 Heated Jackets Work?

As mentioned above, Milwaukee uses carbon fiber heating elements throughout the inside of the jacket. These jackets have a specifically designed back pocket to place the battery. If you own any M12 power tools, you’re in luck because these jackets are powered by the same M12 batteries which will save you some money.

What to Consider When Choosing a Heated Jacket

Before picking a heated jacket, there are many factors that you should consider. Below are several different features you should look into to help you pick the best jacket for you.


Something to factor in when picking a heated jacket is the type of material and the number of layers you plan on wearing. Not all heated jackets are washer and dryer safe, but luckily Milwaukee’s are.

Style & Fit

With heated jackets, you don’t want the warmth to escape through loose openings so make sure you can seal in the heat at the wrists, waist, and neck. Consider if you want a hood with your jacket or not. Consider how many pockets the jacket has. Another factor to think about is what insulation and lining the jacket has.

Battery & Voltage

Consider the battery life and how long the heated jacket will last. Does the jacket come with a battery and charger? With Milwaukee heated clothing, you can use the same M12 batteries from your Milwaukee power tools for your heated jacket. The Milwaukee jackets all use M12 batteries which are 12V. Also, all the heated jackets and vests have a pocket to store your phone and charge it using the M12 power source. 

Heating Elements & Zones

Having certain heating features like adjustability can make a huge change for the cold weather. Milwaukee heated gear uses carbon fiber heating elements to generate and trap heat across core body areas. Adjustable heat technology allows users to adapt to changing conditions by increasing or decreasing the heat level with the touch of a button.

Price & Function

The last variable you’ll want to weigh is the price and the purpose of what you’ll be using this jacket for. Depending on what your project is, you may want to have a light jacket or a more heavy-duty one. 

Jackets and Hoodies Size Guide

Milwaukee heated jacket size guide men
Milwaukee heated jacket size guide women

Types of Milwaukee Heated Jackets

Milwaukee M12 Heated TOUGHSHELL Jackets

Milwaukee heated toughshell jacket

The TOUGHSHELL jackets are high-quality heated jackets. They offer excellent mobility and flexibility while also being lightweight and comfortable. TOUGHSHELL stretch polyester delivers 5X longer life and 80% more stretch. With many more great key features like front or back pocket battery placement, washer and dryer safe, integrated phone charger in the front pocket, only Milwaukee heated clothing with built-in hand warmers.

How Long Does the Milwaukee Heated Jacket Last?

Milwaukee heated jackets have up to 12hrs of run-time on the M12 Redlithium CP3.0 Battery. Like all Milwaukee heated apparel, it has three levels of heat (high, medium, and low) that you can switch between using the LED controller. Each setting has a different color associated with it (red for high, white for medium, blue for low).

What is the Milwaukee Heated Jacket Best For?

Outdoor winter work, hunting, early fall/spring mornings, winter power sports. 

What Size and Colors is the Milwaukee Heated Jacket Available In?

Milwaukee heated jackets are available in sizes S-3X and in black, gray, red, blue, and camo colors.

Milwaukee M12 Heated Hoodies

Person wearing heated Milwaukee hoodie

Milwaukee’s heated hoodies are a great option for outdoor winter activities. Layer them under other jackets for a heated base layer, or wear them out at the jobsite. Don’t worry about getting them dirty as they are washer and dryer friendly. They also have durable utility pockets with reinforced edges, a cotton-polyester blend in the outer fabric for extra durability. They are not waterproof, but they are great on chilly days as long as it’s not storming.

Like any normal hoodie, they make a great layer under a jacket. As a base layer, the heating elements will be pressed right up against your core keeping you nice and toasty. You may not even need a jacket on top of it. 

How Long do the Milwaukee Heated Hoodies Last?

These heated hoodies have about 6 hours of run-time using the M12 batteries. Like other Milwaukee heated apparel, they also have a three heat level setting to help you adjust to the cold temperatures.

What are the Milwaukee Heated Hoodies Best For?

Dry chilly weather, base layering, lounging, cold offices, outdoor winter activities. 

What Size and Colors are the Milwaukee Heated Hoodies Available In?

All Milwaukee heated hoodies are available in sizes S-3X and are available in black, gray, red, and navy blue. 

Milwaukee AXIS Heated Jackets & Vests

Person wearing Milwaukee heated AXIS vest

If you’re looking for something more versatile to withstand the difficult jobsite tasks, Milwaukee AXIS heated jackets are for you. Available as a jacket or vest, the AXIS heated apparel has a durable outer shell or can be used as a comfortable middle layer. This hybrid’s outer shell is protected by rip-stopping polyester so you can trust it to take on a few scrapes while working. Despite the tough exterior, it is also lightweight and compressible and won’t tire you out while moving around.

For a greater range of motion, the AXIS heated vest is for you. It’s equipped with heating elements in the shoulders, with all the same heating as the jackets allowing you more freedom in your arms.

How Long do the Milwaukee AXIS Heated Jackets & Vests Last?

Milwaukee AXIS heated jackets and best have around 8 hours of run-time. Like the hoodies, TOUGHSHELL, and all other Milwaukee heated apparel, it also has a three heat level setting to help you adjust to the cold.

What are the Milwaukee AXIS Heated Jackets & Vests Best For?

Jobsites, base layering, outer layering. Can be an outer shell or a middle layer. Good to withstand tough jobsite conditions. The vest provides the most mobility.

What Size and Colors are the Milwaukee AXIS Heated Jackets & Vests Available In?

The men’s AXIS jackets and vests are available in sizes S-3X. This jacket is available in black and olive green, while the vest is available only in black. The women’s AXIS jackets and vests are available in sizes S-2X and come in black.

Other Milwaukee Heated Gear

Heated Milwaukee Gloves

Milwaukee heated gloves

If you have to work outside during the cold winter months, it’s nice to make sure your hands stay warm. The Milwaukee heated gloves are powered by Redlithium USB batteries which can be tucked into a small pocket on the back of your hard. They also offer three warmth levels like all other heated Milwaukee gear. Made of gridiron ripstop polyester, to survive the jobsite. Touchscreen compatible index finger, leather palms, and fingers improve dexterity, extended cuff protects from the elements, fleece lining provides warmth and comfort making them perfect for any of your work activities.

Heated Milwaukee WORKSKIN Base Layer

Milwaukee heated gloves size guide

The Milwaukee WORKSKIN is a long sleeve shirt that is designed to provide a next-to-skin layer to dry fast and stay warm and mobile. It’s equipped with many features like the Quick-heat function that reaches selected temperature 3X faster, a one-touch LED controller with 2 heat settings, up to 3 hours of run-time with REDLITHIUM USB Battery Pack (3.0 battery). It has heating zones: Chest & Upper Back, Fleece Lined arms provide total body warmth, Raglan sleeves and seamless shoulders improve mobility and comfort.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do heated jackets work?

Heated jackets use liners made with carbon fiber that are placed around the jacket to keep you warm and allow for normal movement.

How long does it take to fully recharge a heated jacket?

When recharging a Milwaukee heated jacket, it can take anywhere between 2-8 hours to fully recharge it.

How long does a heated jacket last?

Up to 12 hrs of run-time on M12 Redlithium CP3.0 Battery. There are three levels of heat (high, medium, and low) that you can switch between using the LED controller.

Are battery-powered heated jackets safe?

Yes. Heated clothing is designed to be safe during usage.


  • Caden Dahl

    February 5, 2019 at 7:27 pm

    With my job, we do a lot of work outside and I’m sure that something like this would help me out a lot. I will see about looking more into this for next year as winter is about over now so it wouldn’t see much use. I’ll just have to check and see if my boss will buy them for us so we don’t have to.

  • Judy

    December 8, 2020 at 2:57 pm

    My husband purchased a heated jacket last winter. It worked for 2 hours..then would not charge.. he returned it and they game him a free new battery, but it wasn’t really free because we already paid for the one that doesn’t work… this battery charged however it won’t heat the jacket.. I believe he payed over 200.00 and we got nothing for it because you can’t return the jacket to the store we purchased it at… so disappointing in the product and the store.

    • Acme Tools

      December 9, 2020 at 8:06 am

      Hello, Thank you for your comment and we are sorry that your experience with a heated jacket did not turn out the way it was expected. If the jacket was purchased from Acme Tools please contact our Customer Support department at 877-345-2263 opt #3 and they should be able to assist you. If it was not purchased from Acme Tools we suggest contacting the manufacturer directly to see if they would be able to assist you. There could be other options available but without knowing who the seller is and what brand of jacket you purchased this is all we can offer at this time.

      Thank you,
      Acme Tools


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