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Caulk is applied to a window with a caulk gun.

Caulking Gun Buying Guide

If you’re a homeowner, a caulk gun is one of those tools you’ll eventually need. It’s surprising how often you’ll use it throughout the lifetime of your home. Whether you need it to seal a new bathtub or fix a drafty window, the list of tasks around the house that require a caulk gun is…

Contractor using a Crescent Pipe Wrench Grip tool

Crescent Introduces a New Pipe Wrench Grip

Cresent Tools recognized the struggle that plumbers and other similar industries face during different applications. The struggles include pipe wrenches slipping, reduced leverage, harsh angles, and double the time it takes to complete a job. As a solution, Crescent developed an innovative pipe wrench grip to accomplish those challenging tasks. “We just can’t pretend that…

Milwaukee NPS 2019: Product Highlights

Milwaukee NPS 2019 was a huge success. Plenty of tools made to make jobs safer and more efficient presented to a select few. Acme Tools being one of the lucky ones to see the latest and greatest in innovation, left us excited for the year. But there are a lot of questions about the devices,…

Sump Pump Basics 101: New Home Owner

Never owned a sump pump before? Never learned how it works? Acme Tools is here to help with the necessary information on this machine. We go over how it works, how to maintain it, and even how to buy one. Winter is ending, and the spring thaw is about to begin. That’s terrific news as…

Milwaukee’s 2-1/2″ – 4″ IPS XL Ring Kit

When it comes to plumbing your work is only as good as the connections on the pipes. If a copper pipe has an opening in it and leaking, your job wasn’t done right. Getting a great fit is hard if you have to sweat copper. Harder if you are in a tight, cramped space. Not…

Metabo batteries power the cordless alliance system tools by 9 manufacturers

Cordless Alliance System is a Revolutionary Partnership

Metabo Germany Announces its partnership with 8 other power tool manufacturers to create the Cordless Alliance System (CAS) Under the Cordless Alliance System (CAS) partnership, nine manufactures of similar company size and with a clear focus on power tools for professional applications, will be sharing the same battery platform and chargers produced by Metabo. This…

How To Use a Trap Snake Porcelain Auger System

The TrapSnake™ by Milwaukee is an innovative tool for any plumber. But if it is your first time using one, it might be confusing. So to help out any first timer with this issue we have made a step-by-step guide on how to feed and retract the second half of the cable for the TrapSnake™….