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    Contractor using a Crescent Pipe Wrench Grip tool

    Crescent Introduces a New Pipe Wrench Grip

    Cresent Tools recognized the struggle that plumbers and other similar industries face during different applications. The struggles include pipe wrenches slipping, reduced leverage, harsh angles, and double the time it takes to complete a job. As a solution, Crescent developed an innovative pipe wrench grip to accomplish those challenging tasks. “We just can’t pretend that Read More »

    DeWalt DCE700 FLEXVOLT 60V MAX Cordless Pipe Threader

    DEWALT DCE700 FLEXVOLT Cordless Pipe Threader

    Threading pipe has been a stationary procedure where the work had to be brought to the tool. UNTIL NOW! DEWALT announces that cordless power threading will soon be available for plumbers, mechanical contractors, and electricians through the use of their FLEXVOLT 60V MAX DCE700 Cordless Threader. Being free of the power cord will allow you Read More »

    Metabo batteries power the cordless alliance system tools by 9 manufacturers

    Cordless Alliance System is a Revolutionary Partnership

    Metabo Germany Announces its partnership with 8 other power tool manufacturers to create the Cordless Alliance System (CAS) Under the Cordless Alliance System (CAS) partnership, nine manufactures of similar company size and with a clear focus on power tools for professional applications, will be sharing the same battery platform and chargers produced by Metabo. This Read More »

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