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The Top 16 BEST Plumbing Tools 2019

Plumbing is a demanding job that requires a variety of tools. From cutting, pressing, tightening, and even some specialty tools, you’ll find yourself needing all of them on one task or another. With that said there are so many options that it’s hard to gauge what is neccessary . Well, at Acme Tools we want you to Do Your Best Work. In order to help with that we have compiled a list of heavy-duty tools that you will need for your plumbing jobs.

Cutting Tools:

Ridgid Tubing Cutter

Tubing Cutter – For small copper or plastic tubing that can’t unscrew, this handy device will allow you to cut without any hassle.

Plumbing Tools: Pipe Cutter

Pipe Cutter – Similar to a tubing cutter this is meant for thicker pipes. Adjust to width of the pipe and score the outside and continue until it breaks.

Hack Saw

Hack Saw – A jack of all trades, this particular cutting tool is perfect for cutting bolts, screws, and any excess or rusted material.

Drain Cleaning Tools:

Plumbing Tools: Drain Snake

Drain Snake/ Drum Machine – For clogged drains where a plunger won’t do, these machines make the job quick and easy. These come in variety of styles; powered by hand, a drill, or has its own motor inside. Any option is fine but depending on the space and size of your work that can be the determining factor on which one is needed.

Specialty Tools:

Milwaukee Press Tool

Press Tool – From hand or battery powered, there is no better tool to secure a press fitting. Adjustable to fit most fittings and even have adapters for bigger ones.

Threader Kit

Threader – Generally used to create threads on tubes and pipes to fasten into connections. Most come with different sized dies for the various pipe sizes. This tool comes motorized or can be done by hand.

Wayne Sump Pump

Sump Pump – Although it’s not an everyday item, there is no better tool to get rid of excess water quickly.

Pipe Reamer

Pipe Reamer – This tools is used to clean and clear debris from pipes and tubing by deburring them and leaving a clean area.

Hand Tools:

Vise-Grip Pipe Wrench

Pipe Wrench – A tool aptly named for the material it will mostly come in contact with often. This wrench has a jaw with jagged and serrated teeth meant for gripping against stuck pipes. Also, the wrench is great for getting a hold for tightening or loosening a stuck bolt.

Basin Wrench

Basin Wrench – A handy tool for tight spaces whenever it is too cramped and too far away for your hand and other wrenches to fit.

Pliers in four different sizes

Pliers – From griping pipes to pulling out items you’ll find yourself needing these tools more often than not, and wanting a variety of them in different sizes. Needle nose, clippers, and even slip joint, they have a use on the job.

Plumbing Tools: Wrench

Adjustable Wrenches – This tool changes to the fit the job as you need. A simple tool but covers a variety of tasks and situations. Having at least two or more of these in your bag is a good idea. It allows for stability when tightening or undoing hard nuts and bolts.


Level – You’ll find yourself needing this to make sure you have the pitch, slope, for your pipes. A torpedo is needed for indoor jobs but having other sizes can come in handy when work takes you outside.

Plumbing Tools: Hex Keys/Wrench

Hex Keys/ Wrench – Most designer faucets and shower handles use Allen screws and are the only tool for the job to remove or fasten them.

Plumbing Tools: Claw Hammer

Claw Hammer – A must-have tool in every plumbers bag or tote, you will use this for a variety of jobs. Ripping out material to get to your work, tapping for minor corrections, and whatever else you may need for the job.

Plumbing Tools: Tape Measure

Tape Measure – Tape measures, a needed tool any trade profession, and plumbing is no exception. Find the length of the room, pipe, or diameter of a hole in seconds. Never will you be on the job and not want or need a tape measure.

Final Thoughts

A plumbers job is demanding, and you need tools that will keep you efficient to get any task done. One moment you’ll be cutting pipes, the next moment pulling out flanges and fastener before finally tightening screws before you call it a day. The name of the tools can vary from area to area, but the need for quality plumbing tools is substantial.

Are there any plumbing tools that are missing on the list? Let us know in the comment section down below what and what they do. Share some tips and tricks you have learned on the trade and what tools you might not need.

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  • Steve Nichol

    April 2, 2020 at 3:52 am

    I have a few of the tools listed in here. I have a toilet snake, adjustable wrench, claw hammer, and other handy tools. Usually, I try to do my plumbing work by myself. I read a lot of blogs and find useful tips from them.


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