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    Tool Knowledge

    Outdoor Power Equipment Safety

    Outdoor Power Equipment Safety

    Whether you’re a professional using these tools or a homeowner working with them, outdoor power equipment safety is a top priority. There are a handful of areas to focus on when working outdoors with your machines, including proper protective gear, operation, and maintenance of the tools. Our brief guide will walk you through all the Read More »

    A Forney Easy Weld 180 ST machine sits on a truck tailgate along with other welding accessories and consumables.

    Best Welding Accessories for Forney Machines

    Now that you’ve chosen your Forney Easy Weld machine, it’s time to step up your accessory game! Let’s break down the best accessories and consumables for your unit. The Forney Easy Weld 140 MP Multi-Process Welder Since the Forney Easy Weld 140 MP is a multi-process welder, there are several accessories and consumables you can Read More »

    A Forney Industries Easy Weld 140 Multi-Process Welder is used to repair a metal chain.

    Welding, Metalworking 101 With Forney Industries

    From metal art and DIY projects to automotive fabrication and construction, many consider welding an essential skill. Without welding and metalworking, so many things we know and use in the world today would not exist. If you’re reading this blog, it probably means you’re interested in practicing this essential skill. It’s time to get excited Read More »

    Many tools sit in the background of title card.

    Explaining Tool Slang and Nicknames

    Throughout many industries, there is slang or specific words that have become familiar names for products. Some are regional, such as a soft drink being called a pop, soda, or “Coke.” Some are brand names that have become synonymous with a specific product, such as many people call gelatin, “Jello,” or tissues, “Kleenex.” The tool Read More »

    Impact Driver vs. Drill

    The Difference Between an Impact Driver vs. Drill

    Professionals, weekend warriors, and diy-ers have many tools in common, and almost all have a cordless drill in their workshop. What isn’t as common is understanding the difference between the different types of drills on the market. In this post, we’re breaking down the difference between an impact driver vs. drill/driver. Drill/Driver Similar to a Read More »

    You Just Bought Your First Drill Press. Now What?

    Sure, a hand-operated drill is very efficient at making holes. But now, with your new drill press, you have really stepped up your game! Your drilling will be more precise, and due to the drill presses larger motor, you’re able to use larger bits to make bigger holes. The following tips will help you get Read More »

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