Klein Tools Releases New Modular Tool Box System

Klein Tools releases the MODbox – a complete and comprehensive Modular Tool Box System and Mobile Workstation. The MODbox System has many top-of-the-line features that challenge competitors like the Milwaukee PACKOUT System, the FLEX Stackpack, and the DEWALT TOUGHSYSTEM. Premium attributes of the MODbox System include:

• Unique integrated side rail system allowing for system expansion via accessories.

• Functional storage location in the back of the boxes and handles to facilitate the transportation of large tools.

• Easily removable handle to facilitate transportation in smaller vehicles.

• One-handed latch design to make stacking and unstacking remarkably efficient. 

The MODbox System currently launched an extensive list of products available, enabling customization to optimize the user experience. Klein Tools already has plans to continue the system’s expansion over time. Let’s take a look at what’s currently available for purchase.

MODbox Rolling Toolbox

Klein Tools’ MODbox Rolling Toolbox (54802MB) has the market’s largest, most durable wheels. At 10 inches of solid rubber, the wheels make transporting the MODbox a breeze. A retractable, easy-to-remove handle allows for storage in tight spaces. With side rail attachments and back storage compartments, users can pack more tools and equipment to bring to the job site. Made with impact-resistant polymers, the MODbox Rolling Toolbox boasts a 250-pound capacity and IP65 rating.

MODbox Medium Toolbox

The MODbox Medium Toolbox (54803MB) is just one of the interconnecting tool storage options. Like the above rolling toolbox, it includes side rail attachments for easy access to commonly used tools. A metal-reinforced handle effortlessly pivots for comfortable carry when not attached to the MODbox system. The medium-sized toolbox comes with a removable Tool Caddy and a 100-pound capacity.


MODbox Small Toolbox

Klein Tools focused on the details when developing the MODbox Small Toolbox (54804MB) by including a v-groove style lid and molded-in ruler. Like the previous components of the MODbox System, the small toolbox has side rail attachments but also contains a removable organizer bin, which is unique to MODbox Small Toolbox. The toolbox includes an over-molded handle to enhance user comfort while featuring a 75-pound capacity.


 MODBox Tool Carrier Rail Attachment

The Carrier Rail Attachment is a slim storage compartment that connects to the integrated side rails for increased accessibility on the job site. The MODbox Tool Carrier Rail Attachment (54814MB) comprises a fixed center divider with additional removable dividers for customizable segmenting. The attachment’s steel rail allows for conveniently mounting magnetic tools or utilizing belt clips to hang tools. 


MODbox Parts Bin Rail Attachment

Quickly attach the MODbox Parts Bin Rail Attachment (54815MB) to the modular toolbox system via the side rails to keep tools readily available. The storage bin addition has removable dividers for added modularity and a clear, snap-shut lid to improve content visibility.

MODbox™ Cup Holder Rail Attachment

Klein Tools took the constructive criticism of other toolbox systems when creating the MODbox Cup Holder Rail Attachment (54817MB), which swivels when the MODbox components are tilted, so beverages always stay upright. The cup holder utilizes flexible, adjustable fingers to hold various drink sizes and connects to the rail system for effortless access to your favorite drink. 


MODbox Multi-Hook Rail Attachment

The two-pack, versatile Multi-Hook Rail Attachment (54816MB) secures items such as extension cords, hard hats, vests, and jackets to your customizable workstation. They can also be used together for larger items such as fish tape. 

MODbox Magnetic Strip Rail Attachment

Made with powerful Rare-Earth magnets, the Magnetic Strip Rail Attachment (54819MB) connects to the side rails for a secure hold of hand tools or bits on the large magnetic surface. 



MODbox Internal Rail Attachment

Mount accessories inside the Medium and Rolling Toolbox with the Modbox Internal Rail Attachment (54818MB). Use with all rail accessories, including the Tool Carrier (54814MB), Parts Bin (54815MB), Multi-hook (54816MB), Cup Holder (54817MB), and Magnetic Strip (54819MB).

MODbox Electrician’s Backpack

The 32-pocket MODbox Electrician’s Backpack (62201MB) ensures you can bring all your must-have tools to the job site. The spacious backpack includes a hard, molded front pocket for safety glasses, a front zipper pocket to hold loose parts, and a port to feed cables through for uncomplicated electronics charging. The integrated headlamp creates ample light to illuminate the inside and outside of the bag. 


MODbox Tool Tote

The Klein Tools MODbox Tool Tote (62202MB) has an abundance of much-needed storage space with 33 pockets, including a tape loop and side zipper pocket. The 15″ tool tote features a hard carrying handle and bottom to help protect against the elements to increase longevity.

MODbox Tool Bag

The 15″ MODbox Tool Bag (62203MB) has a metal frame opening and is made of water resistant 160d material for increased durability. The 28-pocket tool bag incorporates an internal headlamp bracket to illuminate the bag’s interior. Seamlessly connect the MODbox Tool Bag to the MODbox system or carry it alone with the padded shoulder strap.

MODbox Cooler

Keep up to 24 (12 oz) cans or your go-to snacks cold for 30 hours with the MODbox Cooler (62204MB). The 17 quart, insulated cooler is perfect for weekday work and weekend adventures. The durably constructed MODbox Cooler can support up to 300 pounds on the top for even the most rugged use. The padded shoulder strap allows for comfortable carrying when not docked in the stack.

Keep your eyes out for updates to the MODbox System as Klein Tools rolls out compatible products.

Frequently Asked Questions

When the Modbox be available for purchase?
The Modbox will be available in late March or early April 2023.

What is the pricing of the Modbox?
At this time, we do not have the pricing. Check back in late March or Early April 2023 for an update on pricing.


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