Metabo batteries power the cordless alliance system tools by 9 manufacturers

Cordless Alliance System is a Revolutionary Partnership

Metabo Germany Announces its partnership with 8 other power tool
manufacturers to create the Cordless Alliance System (CAS)

Under the Cordless Alliance System (CAS) partnership, nine manufactures of similar company size and with a clear focus on power tools for professional applications, will be sharing the same battery platform and chargers produced by Metabo. This grants CAS manufactures the use of the same battery pack systems, allowing the 100% compatible batteries to be interchanged with other CAS manufacturers tools.

Why Metabo’s Lithium-Ion High-Density Battery (LiHD) is the cornerstone

When choosing a technology partner, CAS manufacturer Rothenberger decided to go with Metabo for several reasons, says Dr. Christian Heine, Managing Director, “Due to the developments in the past years, Metabo has conquered the technological leadership and currently offers the most powerful system in the industry.”

The Cordless Alliance System is the first of its kind

This new partnership provides end-users more freedom, flexibility with a broader range of tools and unique problem solvers and costs savings by sharing the same battery platform across multiple tool manufacturers. Currently, there are over 110 power tools that encompass the Cordless Alliance System Manufacturers. Horst Garbrecht, President of Metabo, expects the CAS to continue to grow, with a variety of manufacturers joining in the name of advanced battery technology.

“With Lithium-Ion High-Density Battery (LiHD) we have enough power for the most energy-intensive applications, allowing us to build any hand-held power tool in a cordless version in such a way it meets the professional user’s requirements of power and endurance,” said Horst Garbrecht.

What’s next for the Cordless Alliance System?

The partnership is the latest step towards expanding Metabo’s vision of a cordless construction site, and metalworking shop entirely run with 18V Lithium-Ion High-Density Battery operated tools.  This proves that Metabo is the most innovative and forward thinking tool manufacturer in the industry today.

Stay tuned to Acme Tools for more information and available tools that will use the Cordless Alliance System battery. Have a question or a comment? Let us know what you think by commenting below and remember to always #DoYourBestWork.


  • Kent Henderson

    May 7, 2020 at 7:31 am

    Great article. We are using Metabo cordless tool and love them. However, for our guys who work out of a service vehicle/van everyday, 110VAC chargers are not practical. Do you know of any car chargers (cigarette lighter style) for the Metabo or CAS 18V batteries? I think lack of a car charger is problematic.

    • Acme Tools

      May 7, 2020 at 8:23 am

      Hi Kent, Thank you for your question. At this time Metabo does not offer a 12V Vehicle style charger and we agree with you that although most residential users of tools would not need this type of charger it is almost a necessity for service providers who are mobile all day long.

      Thank you,
      Acme Tools

  • Brandon

    April 13, 2021 at 1:58 am

    Sounds like my 2 favorite cordless tool manufacturers share their vision of a cordless jobsite – Metabo and Milwaukee. If only their batteries were interchangeable, then I think a truly cordless jobsite wouldn’t be as far away as it is currently. And if Makita was also onboard, the MMM CAS could give us cordless jobsites THIS YEAR… ah, I can dream…


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