How To Use a Trap Snake Porcelain Auger System

The TrapSnake™ by Milwaukee is an innovative tool for any plumber. But if it is your first time using one, it might be confusing. So to help out any first timer with this issue we have made a step-by-step guide on how to feed and retract the second half of the cable for the TrapSnake™.


Feeding The Second Half of The Cable

1. Feed the first half of the cable and stop when the red line barely passes the top of the upper grip.

2. Push down the lower grip to lock cable in place.

3. Push in the detent ball, the little ball sticking out on the pole, and pull up on the cable sleeve until the detent ball locks in the lower slot.

4. Pull up on the lower grip to unlock cable grip and continue feeding.




Now, once done with the job, you will have to retract that excess cable, or you’ll have a huge mess.

Retracting the Second Half of Cable

1. Pull up the auger handle.

2. Push down lower grip to lock cable in place.

3. Push in detent ball and push down cable sleeve until detent ball locks in the upper.

4. Pull on the lower grip to unlock cable and continue retracting.










Once done, snap the remaining cable onto the exterior of the machine. The clog gone, the job finished, and the tool ready for storage.

Though a short post it was because this is a straightforward process. Did you find this helpful at all? Let us know in the comment section down below. Share this post with any new plumbers and be sure to check out this tool at Also, check out our blog for other helpful tips and buying guides.

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