DeWalt Carbon Fiber Sledgehammers and Axes

Not Another Carbon Copy

Sledgehammers and Axes need to be reliable and sturdy. But that doesn’t mean that they aren’t prone to breaking. DeWalt has heard about these issues and is introducing a new series of hammers and axes that help improve on that problem. With their Carbon Fiber Axes and Sledges, they improve on the weakest part of these tools the overstrike (neck, for those unfamiliar), and fortify it.

What’s Different?

Each axe and sledgehammer from this line is now laced with Carbon Fiber Protection on the overstrike. This will strengthen this usually vulnerable spot of the tool and make it longer lasting and durable. Giving protection if you strike too hard on wood or concrete, or if you miss your target altogether and hit the shaft. The handles now hollowed out, which allow for quicker, easier, and more balanced swings. But one major thing to notice is that they have also diversified some of their hammers and axes to fit certain jobs.

Hammering Out the Details

DeWalt (DWHT56028) 8lb. Carbon Fiber Composite Sledge Hammer

DeWalt’s long handle sledge hammers come in different weights for those jobs that might need a bit more force. Weighing at either 6 (DWHT56027), 8 (DWHT56028), 10 (DWHT56029), or 12 (DWHT56030) lbs. Each sledge hammer head has a concentrated strike face, that packs twice the impact compared to traditional sledge hammers. With its lightweight, durable handle, and impact strength this can make any demolition job a breeze.


DeWalt (DWHT56025) 4 lb. Carbon Fiber Composite Blacksmith Sledge Hammer

Though sometimes you don’t need a big show of force with a sledge hammer but maybe something more precise. DeWalt’s short handle sledge hammers can handle those jobs and specialized to handle certain tasks. For instance, the engineering short handle (DWHT56026), similar to the long handles with its concentrated strike face, is good for small areas where you can’t swing something big. Then you have the blacksmith (DWHT56025) , with its cross peen strike face for creating tight corners and curves when working with metal. Finally, the drilling short handle sledge hammer (DWHT56024). Like its name, perfect for drilling in stakes and rebar or perhaps being used to chisel.

Let’s Split Hairs (or Wood perhaps)

DeWalt (DWHT56033) 4.5 lb. Carbon Fiber Composite Log Splitter

Building or designing an axe the same way does nothing, with DeWalt’s new Axes they specialize to handle a certain job. The 4.5 lb. Log Splitter (DWHT56033), separates logs with ease and with a single swing. Now, the 3.5 Single Bit Axe (DWHT56032) cuts trees down faster and easier with its lighter weight. Finally, the 20 oz. Camper’s Hatchet (DWHT56031), which is more of the jack of all trades axe. It can handle splitting wood and cutting down trees, but will take significantly longer. But what it lacks in power and length, it makes up for in versatility and mobility.

The final thing to notice in the axes it the design of the bits. Each one has scalloped cutting edges, these help get deep cuts and easy release from the wood. Meaning with its light handle and new edges you can cut faster and smoother without having to worry about getting snagged.

Final Thoughts

From improving on the vulnerable overstrike area, hollowing the handle for a lighter weight, and specializing the tools for certain jobs, DeWalt has made working with these tools efficient. To see more about the DeWalt Sledge Hammers and Axes Tape or to purchase/pre-order one, checkout

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