DEWALT improves on the standard tape measure

The tape measure has been around job sites and home improvement projects since the early 1800s, 1829 to be precise, and since the 1940s, it has relatively been unchanged. In 2022 DEWALT added some needed improvements to its ATOMIC Compact Series of 16′, 25′, and 35′ Tape Measures.

5 Improvements to the DEWALT ATOMIC Tape Measures

Compact Grip

DEWALT has added 20% more material to the tape’s grip surface, thus improving its ergonomics, allowing the user to hold it more effectively and with less stress on hands and wrists.

Fractional Blade Graphics

The days of counting big lines and little lines are over. The ATOMIC Compact Series of tape measures has improved markings on the tape, allowing new and experienced users to see their measurements quickly.

Durable Blade Coating

The most common complaint among tape measure users is that the blade wears out too quickly. DEWALT listened to their customers and improved the blade coating giving these tapes a longer life when used in abrasive environments. This coating also provides the blade with a matte finish look making it easier to see the markings or measurement graphics.

Integrated Finger Brake

One leading cause of premature blade breakage is the user allowing the blade to retract at full speed and slam shut. DEWALT noticed that users hold the tape measure with their index finger in a position that will enable them to use it as a blade brake. By removing some of the housing material, an integrated finger brake was added, thus giving the user more control when retracting their tape measure

13′ Max Reach

It’s all about the distance. Some competitors have tried to surpass this max reach by curving their blades to make them more rigid, but they also made them harder to read. DEWALT has engineered the ATOMIC Compact Series of tape measures to have a max reach of 13′ without giving the blade a significant curve

The tape measure has been around for quite some time, and it seems that almost everyone has one, but there is a difference between them, and DEWALT is bringing more to the table with their ATOMIC Compact Series. They are using the past knowledge of their sister company Stanley and combining that knowledge with the progressive engineering found at DEWALT Tools to give you one of the most complete tape measures being offered. Now there is only one question, are you ready for National Tape Measure Day on July 14?

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