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11 Tips To Stay Safe This Winter

Winter is a tough time of year, especially in the snowy, cold north. As leaves begin to fall and ice creeps back to our windshields in the mornings, take some time to prepare yourself for the chilly months ahead and plan on winter safety. 1. Take It Slow Whether you’re walking or driving, there’s no…

Person using a gas snowblower to clear a path to their street

How To Choose the Best Snow Blower

5 Easy Steps to Finding the Best Snow Blower Buying a snow blower can be confusing, but we’ve complied some quick tips and facts to help you buy the best snow blower for you. Alright, lets get started. To begin there are a few important factors to consider: How much snow do you typically get at…

How To Choose A Milwaukee Heated Jacket

Instead of wearing multiple layers that restrict movement, we have you covered with Milwaukee heated jackets and vests, perfect for dealing with the winter cold. Heated jackets reduce the need for excessive layering and frequent indoor breaks for warmth, suitable for both work and leisure outdoors. Milwaukee Tool’s heated jackets and other clothing options come…

An outdoor pipe is covered with ice.

Pipe Thawing Machines and Tools

Winter is among us, and (for most of us) it brings along freezing, cold temperatures. And those cold temperatures can be the cause of many problems including frozen pipes. If frozen pipes aren’t fixed, they cause a mess of problems that go off much like a domino effect: leaking water, a waterfall of water, standing…

Frozen copper pipe cracked and water coming out of the hole

How to Thaw Frozen Pipes

Frozen pipes can be a real issue during the winter months. Pipes that run outdoors or along the outer walls of the home are the most vulnerable to freezing temperatures. Unfortunately, simply keeping the interior of your home warm isn’t enough protection for pipes that run close to exterior walls. Water pipes that run from…

Preparing for Winter Storms

Preparing For Winter Storms

How To Prepare For A Winter Storm Heavy snow, ice, sub-zero temperatures and high winds create conditions that make travel impossible and may affect utilities and emergency services. Winter weather can also have a significant impact on your family and home if you’re not ready for it. Preparing for winter storms can help keep your…

Clearing snow with a snow blower

How to Choose Snow Removal Equipment

If you live or work in a climate that regularly experiences snowfall, you need to you can find. The ability to clear snow from walkways, roads, and other spaces lets you work without hindrance or make it to the store for vital supplies. Keep reading to see our options to help maintain your safety and…

Heated Gear

How To Keep Warm on the Jobsite

Your clients expect the job to get done despite various weather conditions. It’s critical to keep you and your crew warm enough in the cold season. More than just comfort, proper heating keeps muscles loose so workers can complete their tasks quickly and with better results. It also helps to prevent hypothermia and other health…