DEWALT 100 year anniversary

DEWALT’S 100th Anniversary: A Century of Innovation and Dedication to the Trades

DEWALT, a leading manufacturer of professional-grade tools and equipment, is celebrating a momentous milestone – its 100th anniversary. Raymond DeWalt founded DEWALT in 1924, and since then, the company has been a pioneer in innovation, productivity and safety within the construction sector. Known for its dedication to the trades and high-quality products, DEWALT is a trusted brand that meets the needs of tradespeople worldwide. Explore DEWALT’s 100-year journey and discover its history and legacy. We’ll share the impact of innovations and the exciting celebrations planned for its centennial year.

Raymond DeWalt’s Legacy, Founding and Vision

Raymond DeWalt, a tradesman from Pennsylvania, revolutionized the construction industry with his innovative woodworking machine, the “DeWalt Wonder-Worker.” Founded in 1924, DEWALT gained recognition for its commitment to excellence and ability to streamline woodworking operations without compromising quality or safety.

Throughout its 100 years, DEWALT has remained steadfast in its dedication to innovation, productivity and safety. Today, DEWALT continues to supply tools for professional tradespeople around the world. The company delivers a comprehensive range of award-winning power tools, technology equipment, hand tools, accessories and outdoor powered equipment.

Commitment to the Trades and Growth Initiatives

DEWALT’s dedication to the trades goes beyond producing exceptional tools. The company has made significant efforts to foster and expand the next generation of trades professionals in recent years. DEWALT started the DEWALT Trades Scholarships program in 2019, offering financial aid to aspiring tradespeople. In 2023, DEWALT committed $30 million over five years to “Grow the Trades” programs, providing extensive support in training and resources to tradespeople.

DEWALT’s commitment to future generations of tradespeople includes contributions to various programs. It supports trade schools, Vocational-Technical Education Consortium schools, and other training organizations. DEWALT collaborates with industry and non-profit organizations to promote diversity, women’s involvement, and veteran involvement in the trades.

Historical Milestones in Construction Defined the Industry

DEWALT’s commitment to innovation has been a driving force behind its success. The company has brought groundbreaking technologies and creative product lines throughout the years that have completely transformed the industry. Let’s look at some of their notable achievements:

Early Collaboration for Safety

In the 1930s, DEWALT worked with the U.S. government and industry organizations to define and improve safety regulations in the construction industry. Their efforts were integral in shaping the foundation of what we now know of as the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

Rapid Expansion for National Defense

During the 1940s, DEWALT expanded its manufacturing capabilities to meet the demands of government orders related to national defense requirements. This expansion helped DEWALT become a household name with a reputation for reliability and quality.

Introduction of Portable Electric Power Tools

In 1992, DEWALT introduced its first line of portable electric power tools and accessories designed to cater to the specific needs of professional users. Two years later, DEWALT made waves with a revolutionary system of over 30 cordless tools, including the world’s most powerful 14.4 volt cordless drill/driver and the 53/8″ cordless saw. The full line of DEWALT cordless tools includes screwdrivers, drills/drivers, impact drivers, flashlights, saws, impact wrenches and the first combination drill/driver/hammerdrill. 

Made in the USA Initiative

In 2013, DEWALT announced its Made in the USA Initiative at STAFDA2013. Many DEWALT tools are made in the USA with globally sourced materials. It sources components and materials from various countries around the world when their are either not viable to purchase based on availability, quality or cost or simply not available in the USA.

Flexvolt™ Technology

In 2016, DEWALT introduced Flexvolt™, the world’s first battery system that automatically changes voltage when the user switches tools. This innovative technology brought significant flexibility and convenience to professionals on the go.


In 2021, DEWALT made history again by becoming the world’s first major power tool brand to use pouch cell batteries designed specifically for the construction industry. The launch of the POWERSTACK™ battery system marked a significant milestone in delivering enhanced performance and durability to tradespeople.

DEWALT PoweShift™

In January 2024, DEWALT unveiled the DEWALT POWERSHIFT™, an electrified equipment system designed to optimize workflow on concrete job sites. Innovations like this are a testament to DEWALT’s continued commitment to advancing technology and meeting the growing needs of the trades.

DEWALT’s Centennial Celebration and Future Outlook

Various exciting celebrations throughout the year will mark DEWALT’s 100th anniversary. Notable highlights include the ringing of The Opening Bell® at a New York Stock Exchange on May 14, 2024. The event will officially commemorate DEWALT’s century-long legacy. Additionally, the company will introduce special anniversary branding on Christopher Bell’s #20 Toyota Camry in NASCAR and launch a social media campaign honoring current professionals and promoting careers in the trades.

As it embarks on its second century, DEWALT remains unwavering in its dedication to innovation, supporting the industry, and empowering tradespeople. Raymond DeWalt’s trailblazing legacy will continue to shape the construction and carpentry impact, reflecting his pioneering spirit. DEWALT is ready to shape the future through advanced technology, skills development and unwavering dedication.

DEWALT’s centenary celebration highlights their innovation in tools, prioritizing safety and productivity. Since the early days with the “DeWalt Wonder-Worker,” DEWALT has worked to meet the developing needs of professionals, resulting in its current line of award-winning products. DEWALT inspires and supports the next generation of tradespeople through its “Grow the Trades” initiatives, scholarships and collaborations. With its second century underway, DEWALT remains dedicated to progressive innovations and empowering professionals.

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