DEWALT Layout Guide: Stud to Mud

The DEWALT layout guide for their “Stud to Mud System” works to streamline commercial drywall installation by offering tools, software, services, and more for the four main components of drywalling: layout, framing, hanging, and finishing. Seasoned drywall pros know the importance of having the best tools and accessories to do the job quickly and correctly.

Here are some products DEWALT‘s Stud to Mud System has to make drywall layout more efficient.

DEWALT ATOMIC 20V 3 x 360 Line Laser Bare Tool

The DEWALT ATOMIC 20V 3 x 360 Line Laser (DCLE34031B) delivers a long-reaching range with a 130ft visibility and a 330ft detector range. Using one vertical green line and two horizontal green lines, the laser boasts 1/8in—Accuracy at 30 feet. The green beam laser level features a powerful magnetic connection for steel stud and corner bead applications and a pendulum lock to prevent damage to internal components. The line laser offers up to 11 hours of operation with a 2Ah battery (not included).

Self Leveling 3 Line Green Beam Laser Level

Another laser level option for any DEWALT layout planning project is the Self Leveling 3-Line Green Beam Laser Level (DW089CG). The laser features a green beam for clear visibility with three lasers to aid in a 90° layout and has 1/8in—accuracy at 30 feet.

The laser level includes a built-in magnetic pivot bracket that easily mounts on metal surfaces and an adjustment knob to align the 90° intersecting lines over greater distances accurately.

Green Laser Line Detector

To aid in the productivity of the job site, DEWALT developed the Green Line Laser Detector (DW0892G) for professionals of all trades. The laser line detector features a front and back-lit LCD, audible signal with adjustable volume control, and top-mounted magnets for easy attachment to steel. The sensor detects inside and outside laser beams and is accurate within 1.5mm at 30m.

Cast Aluminum Chalk Reel with Blue Chalk

Make marking your lines easier with the DEWALT Aluminum Chalk Reel with Blue Chalk (DWHT47309L). The chalk reel has a heavy-duty aluminum body for durability and features a stainless-steel hook and crank arm for corrosion resistance. The chalk reel is designed with a tear-drop shape that can be used as a plumb bob and uses a felt gasket for uniformly distributed chalk.

Irwin Chalk 8 Oz. Blue

If you own a chalk reel but want to replace or update your chalk, Irwin Blue Chalk (64901) is formulated for the highest performance results, leaving darker, sharper lines. The chalk is excellent for drywall, wood, concrete, and more.

Stanley 35 ft FATMAX® Tape Measure

Update your toolbox with the Stanley FATMAX 35ft Tape Measure (33735). The tape measure features a 1-1/4 wide blade for easy readability and a cushion grip for a comfortable, slip-resistant hold. The mylar polyester film covering extends the lifetime of the entire blade and the blade armor coating on the first 4-1/2in. Maximizes durability. Other features include an 11ft blade stand out, a true-zero end hook for accurate measurements, and a top-forward blade lock for easy locking and unlocking.

1-1/2 in. Stud Finder

Stud finders are necessary to identify the framing layout of existing construction. DEWALT 1-1/2in. Stud Finder (DW0150) is the perfect update to your layout accessories. The center sensor stud finder has a detection depth of 1-1/2 for wood and metal. Traditional stud finders locate the edge of the stud, but the DEWALT is 1-1/2in. Stud Finder locates the center of the stud for a better read, even when used at an angle. The stud finder has constant calibration to save time and a center marking channel to mark the stud easily. The stud sensor uses LED arrows and an audible alert to notify the user when a stud is found.

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