husqvarna max battery powers lawn mower, trimmer, blower, hedge trimmer, and chain saw.

Husqvarna MAX Battery Powers Lawn Tools

In the ever-evolving world of outdoor power equipment, Husqvarna stands out as a beacon of innovation and reliability. They’re taking a giant leap forward with their latest breakthrough – the Husqvarna MAX Battery.

The Pinnacle of Lithium-Ion Technology

At the heart of this revolution lies the Husqvarna MAX Battery, an Integrated battery suitable for home use, part-time use, and commercial applications, offering high capacity for extended runtime. Specially designed for use with the complete Husqvarna 100-series, including chainsaws. It provides excellent cooling and features an intuitive 3-LED charge indicator. Whether tackling a quick garden task or engaging in a full-scale landscaping project, the MAX Battery ensures you’ll have the power to get the job done.

Unparalleled Flexibility

One of the most remarkable aspects of the MAX Battery system is its adaptability. It is designed to be compatible with a wide array of Husqvarna tools, so it seamlessly integrates into your existing arsenal. 

The Lineup: Tools That Work as Hard as You Do

The true strength of the MAX Battery system lies not only in the battery itself but also in the remarkable range of tools it supports. Let’s take a sneak peek at some of the standout performers:

Husqvarna MAX 320iL String Trimmer

Lightweight meets powerful with the Husqvarna Weed Eater® 320iL string trimmer. This trimmer features exclusive dual-direction cutting*, a lighter design, and a faster cutting speed to work quickly and comfortably.

Husqvarna MAX Leaf Blaster 350iB Blower

Experience the performance of the industry’s most powerful handheld blower, gas, or battery* with the Husqvarna Leaf Blaster™ 350iB. With its lightweight design and longer runtime, you’ll blow through any task quickly and comfortably.

Husqvarna MAX Hedge Master 320iHD60 Hedge Trimmer

Upgrade your trimming experience with the Husqvarna Hedge Master™ 320iHD60 hedge trimmer. The tri-handle grips deliver a 30% longer reach*. Combined with the high cutting speed, you can tackle the toughest shrubs. 

Husqvarna MAX Power Axe 350i Chainsaw

Put the power in your hands with the Husqvarna Power Axe™ 350i chainsaw. With more cutting power than gas chainsaws* and a lighter-weight design, this chainsaw delivers top-of-the-line performance.

Husqvarna MAX LE322 Mower

For pro-grade results, trust the pro-grade power of the Husqvarna Lawn Xpert™ LE-322R lawn mower. This self-propelled mower cuts through thick grass more easily and lasts 30% longer on a single charge*.

Sustainability Meets Power

In addition to its groundbreaking performance, the Husqvarna MAX Battery system exemplifies the brand’s commitment to sustainability. By embracing battery power, you’re choosing a cleaner, quieter alternative to traditional gasoline-powered tools and contributing to a more eco-conscious future.

Explore the MAX Battery Range at Acme Tools provides a convenient platform for those eager to experience the Husqvarna MAX Battery and its versatile range of tools. Their curated selection of Husqvarna electric products offers a gateway to a new era of outdoor power.

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