Husqvarna Releases Dielectric Pole Saw

Husqvarna released the 525DEPS MADSAW, and the 525iDEPS MADSAW, the industry’s first and only gas-powered and battery-powered pole saw. The MADSAW pole saw meets an OSHA standard for electric power distribution, transmission, and electric power generation (OSHA 1910.269). This adds an extra safety measure for line workers, utility workers, and tree care professionals. So why is this a big deal? The 525DEPS and 525iDEPS can resist transmitting electrical force through conduction and is insulated against user shock. The 525DEPS and 525iDEPS MADSAW can be used in a bucket, in a tree, or on the ground, making pruning and limbing projects more efficient.

Husqvarna’s innovative pole saw design features multiple lengths and is equipped with toolless couplers for quick assembly. A tether point is connected to the back of the MADSAW pole saw to assist user operation or allow hanging storage. The 525DEPS gas-powered saw’s X-Torq® engine reduces harmful exhaust emissions and increases fuel efficiency. The 525iDEPS battery-powered saw cuts the emissions out altogether. Enjoy simple starting with a stop switch that automatically resets to ON, so the trimmer is ready for the subsequent use and the air purge system removes air from the carburetor and fuel system for easy starting.

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