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SuperMax Drum Sanders For Wood Or Metal

Sanding and surface preparation are a part of any carpentry or metalworking project, and drum and brush sanders from SuperMax Tools speeds up these time-consuming tasks. SuperMax drum sanders produce more consistent results than hand sanding, especially when working with large, flat pieces. You can also thin oversized stock, clean up recycled materials or prepare surfaces…

supermax 19-38 drum sander

Benefits Of A Supermax 19-38 Sander

Getting the Most From the Supermax 19-38 Sander This Supermax sander is a workhorse. It’ll help you put a smooth surface on such items as raised-panel doors, drawer fronts, table tops, slabs, thin stock, long flat trim, and resawn boards. It’s a great way to clean up planer and jointer marks. Marlen Kemmet, a renowned…

How To Choose The Right Sander

Sanding wood or metal surfaces is a common workshop task, and power sanders speed up this time-consuming job. With the right sander, you can remove excess material from a rough board, shape a delicate curve or prepare a wood surface for paint or stain. Discover the features and capabilities of these useful tools, and learn…