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supermax 19-38 drum sander

Benefits Of A Supermax 19-38 Sander

Getting the Most From the Supermax 19-38 Sander

This Supermax sander is a workhorse. It’ll help you put a smooth surface on such items as raised-panel doors, drawer fronts, table tops, slabs, thin stock, long flat trim, and resawn boards. It’s a great way to clean up planer and jointer marks.

Marlen Kemmet, a renowned craftsman in Iowa, uses his drum sander in the production of his artistic cutting boards.  As Marlen points out, “The drum sander efficiently puts a smooth surface on my cutting boards and gets them ready for finishing. And, when using dust extraction, the drum sander helps keep my shop clean.”

The Supermax 19-38 Sander Gives You Superpowers

If you want the super benefits of a drum sander, here are six reasons why you should consider the Supermax 19-38 Drum Sander.

Super sanding capacity.

With its open-end construction, you can work with stock up to 38” wide. The drum is 19” wide, but you can rotate a wider piece edge-for-edge and run it through again with the same face up to double the 19″ sanding width. As far as working height, the Supermax 19-38 has a full 4” capacity to handle thicker stock. For thin stock, the sander can handle stock as thin as 1/32”.

Super Intelligence.

Supermax comes with INTELLISAND Technology which will automatically change the conveyor speed based on load. It will sense if you are running the stock through too fast, and slow down the conveyor to eliminate gouging and burning.

Super Conveyor.

The conveyor belt is 22” wide to help keep the machine stable when surfacing wider pieces. The conveyor belt also has superior gripping power, allowing you to surface short and thin stock. What’s more, the precision-flattened steel conveyor bed comes with a guaranteed flatness to less than 0.10 across the width of the sander.

Super adjustments.

To make the conveyor parallel to the sanding drum, just simply adjust one nut. Once set, you get consistently flat results. When sanding stock wider than 19”, the sander comes with a handy “Fast-Lever” which is an indexed alignment setting which blends the passes together

Super easy to change grits.

There is no need for special tools to change the abrasive wraps. There’s plenty of room to easily use just your hands. And, once you get the wrap on, the patented Abrasive Attachment System will hold the wrap securely in place.

Super dust collection.

A steel dust cover is formed to the shape of the drum, maximizing airflow and dust extraction.

Whether you are a woodworking enthusiast or run a small production shop, the Supermax 19-38 can help you in the sanding process. You can reduce hand-sanding, speed up the sanding process, and get super results every time.

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  • Michael Washburn

    August 24, 2017 at 10:02 am

    I’m looking at purchasing the 19-38 Supermax drum sander in the near future and was wondering if there are any promotions coming up any time soon?

    Thank you.
    Mike W.

    • Acme Tools

      August 24, 2017 at 10:20 am

      Hi Mike, Thank you for your comment. At this particular time there is not a promotion on the Supermax 19-38 Sander but they do participate in our sitewide sales and offer promotions of their own. To make sure you are up to date on the most recent sales please make sure to register as a user on our website and opt into our email list.

      We are coming into the time of year where that type of unit would be on sale so it won’t be long until the next promotion is announced.

      Thank you,
      Acme Tools


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