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Boost Your Performance With DeWalt’s FLEXVOLT Tools

dewalt flexvolt DeWaltT FLEXVOLT™ technology delivers the cutting and grinding power of a cord with the flexibility and lightweight convenience of cordless maneuvering. The unique battery for these tools offers plenty of run time while supporting top-of-the-line speeds and material conservation. Tools with such power and portability run best with accessories that can handle their unique system. When it’s time to replace the blades on your DeWalt FLEXVOLT tools, choosing specialized FLEXVOLT accessories makes a significant difference in performance and durability. Here’s how:

Thin Kerf Means Big-Time Efficiency With Low Vibration

dewalt flexvoltdewalt flexvoltIf you’re used to cutting with a full-kerf blade, you may want to think about trying a thin kerf one. DeWalt FLEXVOLT blades in particular take advantage of the latest design advances to limit the vibration from such a narrow blade. By nature, thinner blades bog down less quickly, too. This protects your tools and cutting surfaces from damage resulting from friction and overheating. At the same time, you preserve more material using a thin kerf blade because the thinner blade eats through less as it cuts.

Speed and Safety Come From the Right Design and Materials

Of course, each type of saw has distinct design needs to make the most of its accessories. For instance, the high-speed teeth on FLEXVOLT reciprocating saw blades are durable and last a long time. Their tooth pattern of 4/6 teeth per inch makes quick work of woodworking cuts, while 14/18 teeth-per-inch versions run cool through metal cutting. Both allow for gullets that master cross-cuts and straight-on cuts. They also use a steel reinforcement band across the full body of the blade to prevent breakage and maintain consistent cuts. Their patented ToughCoat™ coating also reduces the impact of heat at the high speeds that a cordless FLEXVOLT saw can manage.

dewalt flexvoltdewalt flexvoltThe Flexvolt cutters’ cutting wheels and wheels for FLEXVOLT grinders use a high-performance, high-concentration grain that stays sharp and cuts fast. They have ceramic construction so the cutting edges are dense without losing their thin-kerf efficiency. Advanced ceramics stand up to high heat and speeds. They also are much harder than steel, so they last longer without needing sharpening. As such, this ceramic grain for FLEXVOLT accessories is extremely sharp and balances speed and temperatures to keep you and your tool working longer on your metal-working and stainless-steel tasks. In fact, FLEXVOLT grinding wheels remove more steel plate material in a single battery charge than a comparable DeWalt grinding wheel.

Body Slots Make Cuts Smooth

dewalt flexvoltTo make unified, even cuts, saw blades rely on body slots. The replacement blades for DeWalt FLEXVOLT circular saws, for example, have a patented body slot design that promotes silky, straight cuts time after time. Their thin kerf furthers this ability, as do the optimum, all-around grind angles that let the blades’ carbide tips limit chip load. The same is true of blades for the FLEXVOLT miter saw. Blades for both outperform their non-FLEXVOLT counterparts, whether you are cutting through plywood or rebar.

Because of the complex engineering and reinforced builds of these blades, they give you more work per battery charge than their thicker, less-sturdy counterparts. To maximize your DeWalt FLEXVOLT tools’ cutting-edge efficiency and power, choose accessories that fit their high-tech demands. Quality materials and proprietary designs deliver the kind of superior performance that makes these blades worth your attention.

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