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Tool Tips

The Best Route To Perfect Edges

Since all routers spin the bit in the same direction, knowing which route you should take may be challenging.  Move all handheld routers counter-clockwise when working on the outside edge of a project, as shown in the diagram.  If you are routing inside edges, also shown, the direction should be clockwise.  If using a router…


How To Easily Create A Mortise

In mortise & tenon joinery, the tenon (or tongue) on one piece fits into the mortise (or hole) of another. Creating a mortise typically requires a mortising machine, a drill press outfitted with a mortising attachment, or a combination of a drill press and hand chisels.  Whew! But, hold on … here’s a nifty trick…

Trimming Laminate

How to Trim Laminate Countertops

The final step in completing a laminate countertop — trimming its edges flush — can prove a little nerve wracking. After all, you have a lot of time and money invested in your project and the last thing you want to do is ruin everything while trimming. Relax! These pointers ensure clean results every time….

How to Extend the Life of Your Bench Tools

While it’s always exciting to buy new woodworking bench tools, it’s just as exciting to see your favorite tools still functioning after years of regular usage. You get to know them inside and out. There are a few commonly overlooked ways to extend the life of your bench tools, and their simplicity might surprise you. Do…

Table Saw

10 Ways to Get the Most from Your Table Saw

You’ll find a table saw near the center of most wood shops, and for good reason. This essential machine performs many tasks, such as ripping boards to width or sawing on-the-money miters, bevels, and joints. With the proper tools, a table saw can help you cut tapers, raise door panels, or even carve out wide…

A worker uses an HVLP sprayer to apply a finish to a patio.

How To Get A Perfect Spray Finish

Spraying is a great way to produce a professional-looking finish. You could use a traditional spray gun fed air from a compressor, but be prepared to fill the air around you with overspray (finish that goes in the air instead of onto your project). There’s a better way. A high-volume, low-pressure (HVLP) sprayer provides much…