A woman weeds a garden using a garden hoe.

7 Best Weeding Tools of 2021

A man releases a weed using the easy-eject mechanism on a Fiskars stand-up 4-claw weeder.

Weeds are a part of life, whether they spring up in your yard or garden. Getting rid of them seems like an uphill battle that never ends. Plus, it’s hard work. There are a variety of ways around them, such as weeding tools, burning or herbicides. Burning may not be an option in drier areas due to possible wildfires. Also, chemicals carry possible risks, including affecting your soil and leaching into nearby water areas or coming in contact with pets.

Because of those risks, good old-fashioned manual labor is usually the way to go. So grab your favorite weeding tool and get to pulling. The best way to tackle your weed problem is to remove them when they’re young, but even then, some don’t want to release from the ground easily. Try to pull weeds shortly after a rainfall because the soil will be softer, and they’ll be easier to remove.

Considerations When Choosing Weeding Tools

When choosing weeding tools, you should focus on what works for you and the types of weeds you’ll be removing. Comfort should be your main focus because removing weeds is a hard job, so you don’t want to tire out too quickly. Also, you may have a smaller garden and don’t need a tool with a really long handle, rather a hand tool may be a better fit.

Weeding Tools’ Handle Length

The length of the handle on your weeding tool can make a world of difference depending on how much weeding you have to do. If you’re clearing an entire yard or a large garden, a longer handled tool will allow you to pull weeds from an upright position. Working while standing will help your back and take pressure off your knees. A shorter tool were be a better choice for a raised garden bed that allows for easy access to your plants.

Type of Weeding Tool Head

There are a variety of weed removal tool heads that each work best with a specific type of weed. Cutting and slicing tools focus on surface-level fibrous weeds, such as crabgrass. Large patches of weeds can quickly be removed with a knife or sickle style too. If dealing with long-rooted weeds, such as dandelions, you’ll want a fork-tongued fishtail-style tool. For tougher soil a digging tool such as a garden hoe is durable enough to dive deep into the ground. Lastly, there are raking tools that are best used in loose soil found in flower beds or vegetable gardens. By skimming the surface, they can make quick work of large groups of weeds.

Weeding Tools’ Comfort/Durability

When deciding what tool best works for you be sure to consider how comfortable it is. Remember, you may be using this tool for hours at a time. You want something with a cushion grip, if possible, to prevent blisters. Alongside comfort, durability is a concern. Your tools should last many years and be able to withstand lots of pressure depending on how tough your soil and weeds are. Find a tool with either a steel or fiberglass handle that will hold up for a long time.

Best Weeding Tools

A proper weeding tool will be your best friend while ridding your yard or garden of these pests. But not all weeding tools are created equal. They each have their own pros and cons to be weighed to find the best tool for you. We focused on comfortability, ease of use, durability, and efficiency putting together our list.

Fiskars Stand-Up 4-Claw Weeder (339950-1001)

This Fiskar stand-up weeder is perfect for working on large areas, such as an overgrown lawn or garden. It’s long steel shaft provides another level of durability and will help with back pain as you won’t be bending over a lot. For added comfortability, an easy-eject mechanism clears the tool without having to bend over and remove the weed. A built-in foot peg makes it easier to drive the weeder into tougher soil. The tool’s four serrated, stainless-steel claws firmly grab both the weed and its roots for permanent removal.

Ames Steel Stand-Up Weeder (2917300)

Ames’ stand-up weeder offers top-of-the-line features that are expected from a weeding tool and is a great solution for clearing and digging irrigation ditches. It has a durable steel and lightweight poly construction so it can handle heavy work but won’t wear your body out at the same time. At almost 40 inches long it’s one of the longest stand-up weeders on the market and you’ll ease any strain on your back. This tool clears weeds quickly and completely and prevents damage to your grass. The weeder’s main attraction is its unique design, which aerates the soil as you weed, leading to a healthier lawn.

Ames Welded Garden Hoe with Ash Handle (2825700)

Sometimes it’s best to stick to the classics, and Ames’ garden hoe brings out the best of the tool we all know and love. This hoe is the ideal solution for homeowners working on smaller landscaping or garden projects that require chopping, weeding, and clearing garden growth. A 10-inch cushion grip creates excellent comfort while providing complete control over the tool. An ash handle along with a serrated blade provides strength, durability, and efficiency for the toughest of soils.

Fiskars Steel Extendable Rotary Cultivator (98966935)

If you’re looking for more flexibility in your weeding tool, Fiskars’ extendable cultivator is the perfect tool for you. Used to loosen soil, remove weeds, and aerate soil and mulch, this tool does a little bit of everything all at once. The extendable handle that reaches a max length of 40-inches allows for healthy posture for many different heights. Therefore, allowing you to work from a standing position and eliminating knee and back soreness. It features six rust-proof aluminum wheels, but the center wheels are removable to allow easy cultivating around seedling rows.

Razorback Steel Blade Garden Hoe (71113)

Best used for chopping and weeding in the toughest of soils, the Razorback garden hoe is a leader in strength and durability. Its steel ferrule creates a strong connection between the blade and the handle for added durability. A 6.25-inch by 4.25-inch shank pattern steel blade makes it easy to cut through weeds cleaner and faster. The 54-inch handle of this tool gives you a longer reach while reducing stress on your body at the same time.

Forney Industries Uni-Flame Weed Burner (1723F)

Sometimes you need a little heat to tackle a weed problem. The Forney weed burner is perfect for large areas that feature a large weed problem. It won’t work on many household areas such as a lawn or garden because you run the risk of burning surrounding grass or plants. Includes 10 ft. hose with a POL safety valve that allows for larger applications without moving the propane tank it attaches to. As an additional precaution, the safety valve prevents excess flow of propane if the hose is cut or melted.

Ames Deluxe Weed Cutter (2915300)

Ames’ weed cutter is excellent for large overgrown areas, such as ditches and fields. The tool’s double-edged serrated blades allow for cutting on both forward and return strokes, making it one of the most efficient tools on the market. At 40-inches long the weed cutter is great for stand-up work and alleviates any back and knee pain. The hardwood handle creates unmatched strength and durability.

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