The JET JWBS-14SFX Bandsaw for the Novice to the Expert

The Saw For The Novice To The Expert

Working with wood, whether it be for work or a hobby, means getting the details just right. From the curve of the wood, matching the grains, or getting that unique cut for your project, if not done right, you have to start over. To avoid these issues, you need tools and equipment that will be accurate and consistent. A bandsaw is a woodworker’s most versatile tool for any job and having one that is up-to-date and ensures safety is essential. Something the new bandsaw from JET brings to your shop.

The new JWBS-14SFX Bandsaw is excellent for any level of woodworker. A staple in every shop and this piece of equipment will maximize your workspace. Giving any first-timer all the tools they need to start working and seasoned veteran a few accessories they would appreciate.

High Capacity and Adaptability

The first aspect to mention is that this saw can handle 13 ¼” of resaw capacity, making larger projects easier to manage. It also has a new high-visibility blade guard and scale to improve safety and setting the blade height. With the guard in a bright red and blade height settings in a contrasting black and white with an indicator, you can see your length without having to be so close to your project.

Cut On A Bigger Space

The table is the second thing to talk about when looking at the new band saw as it gives you more space to work while giving you the versatility to work the way you want. With a giant 360 sq. in. cast iron work surface you get the support you need for your jobs while being able to have your miter gauge on either the left or right-hand side. The miter gauge can give you the flexibility you need for certain angles or projects, and with an adjustable angle finder, you have certainty in your measurement.

With an additional feature that allows you to use your fence in both vertical and horizontal positions. This handy feature gives the ability for accurate cutting while keeping measurements easily visible when you need precise cutting.

Easier Blade Changes

Using a bandsaw means two things are going to happen. Your blades are going to need changing, and dust is inevitable. But what if I told you could make these two certainties easier to manage and hassle-free? With the JET 714400K, blade change is made more accessible with a tool-less blade guide system and a blade tension system that doesn’t need the motor running. Meaning you can have full control of the blade while changing it making it easier to remove and installing a new one.

Dust Free Work Area

Able to collect dust effectively with two 4” ports on the saw. One directly above the saw and one beneath, covering the two areas that would otherwise produce a sandstorm of debris. With this effectiveness of the ports, you will have a continuous clear line of sight while working. With these two subtle but impactful improvements you cut down a lot of clean up time and set-up for your saw. Giving you more time to do more work.

Safety First

When dealing with a saw, safety comes first, second, and last. You don’t want to end up missing a finger by accident when cutting. That’s why when you buy the new JWBS-14SFX bandsaw, they include a push stick. A push stick may not sound all that impressive but is crucial in work safety, just as much as ear and eye protection.

Another added addition to safety features is the large palm safety shut off switch. Sometimes when work gets too hectic or if something went wrong while you’re working, a button might not do. You could press it, and the metal rings stop it from being registered or if it where a switch you might have the problem of flipping it too hard and breaking it or missing it altogether.

Power When You Need It

Finally, the 714400K also includes a 115V AC outlet on the machine itself so you can add any accessory needed to help get your work done. Which pairs well with the light attachment they included with your new system. So whether you’re working in the dark and need some light, need to plug your vacuum to help clean, or need another tool to help finish the project, get it all powered in the same setting without the need for extension cords or surge protectors.

Final Thoughts

For any level of woodworker, you will need a bandsaw for the more difficult, intricate, and decorative cuts. Get one that can supply more so you can use less. Be able to sustain a clean work area, have the exact tension you need, can have light whenever you want, and the accurate measurements to get the cuts you want. Not to mention that if you happen to be teaching or learning how to woodwork this piece of equipment comes with all the safety features you need to start your path to vital woodworking skills.

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  • John Condry

    March 31, 2019 at 4:32 pm

    The JWBS-14SFX does not include a push stick. Also, the outlet is rated at 10w max, meaning an LED stoplight is fine, but you should not be running a 500w shop vac.

    • Acme Tools

      March 31, 2019 at 5:07 pm

      Hi John, Thank you for your comment. Like most bandsaws they do not come with a push stick, however, this makes for a great first project and will help you with safe operation of the saw. You are correct in stating the Watt rating on the outlet and that it is for small items, like lights, that will assist in your work. If you would like to hook it up to a vacuum or dust collector we recommend using a properly rated circuit.

      Thank you,
      Acme Tools

  • steve

    December 3, 2019 at 11:23 am

    I don’t know what you mean by “tool-less” guide sytem – I just finished setting up a 14sfx and I need 2 (or 3) different sized hex wrenches to adjust the lower guides – and it is a major pain in the a**.


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