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Milwaukee® Mid-Torque Impact Wrenches Review

The Milwaukee mid-torque wrench delivers the ideal torque for most everyday applications, with enough power to meet most needs. Low and high-torque wrenches are either too weak or too strong for daily use, putting a strain on equipment and materials.

Compact Size and Weight

The mid-torque wrench by Milwaukee handles daily work tasks that require just enough torque to complete the task at hand, no more or less. This mid-torque wrench runs up to 2,400 RPM and has a fastening torque of 450 foot-pounds and breakaway torque of 600 foot-pounds. Carry this 6.7-inch-long, 5.3-pound wrench with you for everything from tire changes to deck repairs. It joins the ranks of versatile Milwaukee cordless tools, such as the 1/2-inch detent anvil wrench, which works well for infrequent socket changes and retains sockets for reaching up in the air. This tool is an excellent choice for assembly work and other tasks.

Well-Designed Wrenches

The 1/2-inch friction ring anvil wrench is ideal for more frequent socket changes. This Milwaukee tool is easy to use, so it’s a strong alternative to traditional wrenches. This is the tool for plumbing or pipe fitting and is also handy for many electricians. These wrenches are up to 4 inches shorter and 2 pounds lighter than most wrenches. Work longer with less fatigue and maneuver easily around the job site using this compact design.

These wrenches have up to 230 more foot-pounds of torque than average mid-torque wrenches and are the right size to use in tight spaces. The Milwaukee tool removes nuts easily, even hard to remove or rusted nuts, which makes your job less difficult and time consuming.

Milwaukee is a trusted manufacturer of high-quality, industry standard tools and a world-leading supplier to many working professionals. These Milwaukee M18 wrenches are your go-to tools, whether you’re a professional or DIYer in the auto garage, wood shop or construction site.

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