Digital Empire® Level Review

Same Functionality, WAYYY Better Features

Available in several lengths, digital box levels from Empire Level let you make sure your project or materials are level quickly. Make your job is as easy as possible and increase efficiency on your job site with these levels’ dual backlit display that makes it possible to see measurements in nearly any light. For convenience, the tools feature a top-read digital display and an overhead inverted display. This means you can see readings at almost any angle, even if you are standing above or below the levels. What makes these bubble levels so unique is how fast the digital display provides you with measurements. Get the digital readout you need immediately thanks to these auto-calibrated levels that are ready to go when you power them on.

The WAYYY Better Features:

These tools feature seven measuring modes and inspect mode, so they are extremely useful for applications like setting forms, ADA ramps, door jambs, pipe-fitting and woodworking. The digital display features an easy-to-use button for changing

between precision and rough-in modes. For your convenience, the display also has other buttons for power-saving modes, inspect mode, audio indicator and turning on the dual backlit digital display.

Same Functionality (and Quality):

Like all Empire levels, these digital tools are durable. They feature solid-block, high-contrast e-BAND™ vials, precision-milled edges and an included protective case on most models. An IP65 rating means they withstand dust and water, making the levels ideal for even tough job environments. Discover more about these strong digital bubble levels and the unique features that benefit you.

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