Milwaukee Unveils New REDLITHIUM™ USB 2,000L Slide Focus Flashlight

Milwaukee Tools introduces their new REDLITHIUM™ USB 2,000L Slide Focus Flashlight (2162-21). The flashlight offers four modes of TRUEVIEW™ High Definition Output: High, Medium, Low, and Boost Mode. With mode memory, the flashlight powers up in the last mode used. With a double press of the multi-functional rear power button, boost mode can be activated, illuminating 2,000 Lumens of light at any time. The power button also provides battery indication and mode selection.

The Milwaukee flashlight also includes features such as slide focusing for fast and effortless beam control, the ability to customize beam size and intensity, and a removable metal clip for easy attachment. Built to handle even the toughest conditions, the flashlight can withstand up to 6ft drops and has an IP66 dust and water resistance rating. A limited lifetime warranty covers the 2,000L Slide Focus Flashlight (excluding batteries).

The REDLITHIUM™ USB 2,000 Lumen Slide Focus Flashlight uses the REDLITHIUM™ USB 3.0AH Battery, providing all-day run-time, more recharges, and 3x faster charge time. The rechargeable battery can be recharged in the flashlight via USB-C or swapped out with additional REDLITHIUM™ USB Batteries.

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