Brew Coffee Anywhere With the OXX® COFFEEBOXX™

Instead of wondering “where can I find coffee near me,” make your favorite hot beverage in about a minute with the rugged CoffeeBoxx brewing system.

Oxx CoffeeBoxx Features

Oxx Coffeebox

For many people, coffee and other hot drinks are a regular part of their daily routine. The Oxx CoffeeBoxx packs the convenience of single-serving brewing in a rugged and portable package. Like all Oxx products, it easily withstands rough handling and harsh outdoor conditions. Everyone at the job site can bring their favorite strong coffee brand of K-Cup® to work and make a fresh cup of joe in about a minute. The CoffeeBoxx also has a separate tap that serves up hot water, so you can make tea, hot chocolate or instant soup too. The built-in water tank holds 84.5 ounces, enough to make about 10 cups of coffee, and a removable drip tray simplifies cleanup.

Whether you’re working at a construction site, tending your fields or camping, it’s easy to take the Oxx CoffeeBoxx along for the ride. It has a rubberized carrying handle and weighs just 12 pounds when empty. The unit’s sealed water tank prevents leaks, and its rugged shell is rustproof and resists water and dust. The CoffeeBoxx features ribbed construction that shrugs off impacts and withstands loads of up to 1,500 pounds. Six stainless-steel tie downs make it easy to secure the coffee maker in place no matter where you are.

Workhorse Coffee with two pods.

The Oxx CoffeeBoxx is simple to use. The top-mounted interface is easy to see and has LED indicators that show the unit’s brewing status. Large buttons you can operate with gloves on control the amount of brewed beverage or hot water dispensed, and a replaceable carbon filter purifies water before it reaches your cup. The unit has a retractable power cord that plugs into any 120V outlet. Whether you want to celebrate National Coffee Day, or enjoy a hot cup of coffee anytime, almost anywhere you can do so with the versatile and rugged Oxx CoffeeBoxx.


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