Safety Tips For Using A Chainsaw

The best thing about outdoor power equipment is that it lets you get all sorts of work done in very little time. Tools such as chainsaws require a certain amount of knowledge to use safely. You can also decrease your chance of injury by outfitting yourself with proper personal protective equipment, or PPE.

Safe Practices Make For Safe Results

Chainsaw safety is your responsibility whenever you’re using one at a jobsite. It’s important to thoroughly read all instructions and cautions that come with your equipment. Take a class that teaches you chainsaw safety tips and best practices so you can use your tools competently. Never try to cut anything other than wood with these devices, and never let them contact the ground while they’re running. You can prevent your electric chainsaw from activating by unplugging it before you work on the chain or perform other maintenance.

Equipment for Chainsaw Safety
safety goggles and hard hat

Caution is important, but so is outfitting yourself with the right safety gear. Gloves keep your hands from getting cut by flying chips and rocks. Goggles do the same for your eyes. A proper helmet is essential for chainsaw safety; get one that has a brim in the front to catch the blade if it kicks back. Pick up a pair of OSHA-approved steel-toed boots for maximum foot protection. Chainsaw chaps are specialized leg wraps that you put on over your pants. They strap around your calves and waist and feature strong materials such as Kevlar and high-denier nylon to lessen the impact of the chain if it hits you.

The Right Tool for the Job

Make sure you’re using the equipment for its intended purpose. It’s tempting to get a chainsaw with the longest bar possible, but you really only need one that’s long enough to cut the pieces that you’re working with. If you fell trees, you only need the bar to be half as long as the width of the trunk because you will come at it from two angles. Check out what sort of work your chainsaw is rated to do, such as farm, professional or home. Tools rated for homeowners are not designed for constant use, so you should make sure to let them cool down and always perform regular maintenance.

You’ve got a lot of work to do, and a gas or electric chainsaw makes it go by quickly. Always respect your tool by using it properly and staying current with the upkeep. Following these chainsaw tips can keep you healthy and safe.


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