Snow Shovel: Protect your Family from Slipping Hazards

Your family is coming over for the holidays! Then you see that the driveway covered in snow and ice. You need a shovel, but you can’t find it, it’s broken, or you need a new one. Read on to see which snow shovel will be best for you and your home.

The holidays are around the corner, and you have your family coming over. Then you see your driveway covered in snow and ice. Not a big deal, you don’t need to shovel the snow, sleet, and slush. You walked through it and you’re fine. But what about grandma and grandpa? You don’t want them falling and breaking a hip. Then you have to consider the kids that are coming and how they might take off running. Not to forget that one family member who is so uncoordinated that they trip and fall over nothing but the air.

Maybe it’s time to get the shovel out and get to work. But if you are looking to upgrade, get some extras so someone can help, or need one in general, Acme Tools has some options. That way you can find the best snow shovel to fit you, your help, and your budget. Because if you leave the driveway and walkway covered in snow and ice the memory of having a family slip and slide gone wrong outside your house on Christmas Day will be your fault. No one wants that on their conscious.

We’ll talk about the types of snow shovels, the pros and cons of each one, the best way to shovel, and some other helpful tools that you might want to pick up.

Types of Snow Shovels

Surprising to some, and common knowledge to others, there are different kinds of shovels out in the market. They vary by how you will primarily use them while working outside. You have the regular snow shovel or snow scoop, a snow pusher, and even an electric snow shovel.

Snow Shovel/ Snow Scoop

A snow shovel is a young man’s tool where back problems aren’t a thing yet, and they have the energy to shovel all day. You will see mostly kids knocking door to door offering to shovel up snow for some extra cash have these on them. Sometimes a new person to the white stuff will pick this up as well not knowing how much work it’s going to be using this tool. Though if you know the proper way to shovel, which we will discuss later, this tool will get the job done with little issues.

You can get these in either a plastic or aluminum shovel head, which can add durability or save on weight. A personal choice to the user but one that matters when being efficient is vital. With a metal shovel head, you can use it as a spade and scrap through ice as well as be a bit rougher. The downside with the metal head is that you run the risk of corrosion, which will dull the tip of the shovel over time. With plastic, you get lighter weight, but you lose some sturdiness with the head. Sometimes bending under the load of the snow if it is too much.

The handle is also another thing to take note of when choosing which one you want. A wooden handle is reliable, but as it gets wet, it can get heavy as it absorbs water. So, as you are shoveling and digging, the weight slowly starts to increase. Slowing you down and burning through more energy. You then also have the option of a fiberglass handle which will save you on weight. Though with the exchange in its mobility you sacrifice the amount of weight it can handle. This design change will, in turn, cause you to pick smaller piles of snow to allow for the tool to do its job and not bow or break.

Both plastic shovels and wooden ones have their pros and cons, but its how you use it that will matter. If shoveling smaller piles will get the job done faster in your mind, go for it. You think digging more massive mounds will save you time instead, do it. As long as you do it safely, that’s all that matters.

Snow Pusher

A snow pusher does as its name implies, it pushes snow. It’s perfect for instances when snow may be cumbersome to shovel or a person who doesn’t feel like shoveling. With a pusher, you can easily maneuver around parked vehicles, stationery items, or even around people. Snow Pushers helps reduce back pains since you aren’t picking anything up off the ground. Then that phrase, “my back hurts from snow shoveling,” will be heard a lot less and won’t be much of an excuse anymore. Also, some models have adjustable handles making it easier to get to hard to reach places, like underneath cars.

For snow pushers, these mostly come in as a fiberglass handle with a plastic shovelhead. The choice for this is to prevent rust, corrosion, and strain on the tool. With either wood or metal, you have a higher chance of the parts succumbing to the elements and other variables.

For instance, a shovel made out of metal and exposed to salt mixed in the snow the head would corrode. Another issue would come from having a wood handle. Since you are continually pushing snow with possible salt and sand mixed into it, you face a problem with the wood handle reacting towards the elements. Leading to a more fragile handle after each use due to water soaking into the handle and the salt corroding the wood faster.

Electric Snow Thrower

Toro 38361 Snow BlowerNow, if you have a small driveway, yard, patio, or walkway, and don’t love shoveling, this is a tool you need to get. A snow thrower is a slimmed down, handheld, electric snow blower that you can easily store. Doesn’t need gas, just a long extension cord to plug in and it’s good to go. Perfect for someone who doesn’t have the strength to shovel or push snow, but still wants to clear it so ice won’t form underneath. It is a quick and fast option for those need it down right then and now. Throw snow easily and get the driveway clear before anyone finds out.

Each one made with a specific use in mind, but none of them are bad choices it only depends on who is going to use it and how they prefer to work. But whichever snow removal tool you choose as long as it can clear a lot of snow, you’ll be fine. 

Best Way to Shovel Snow

Honestly, the best way to shovel snow is to hire someone else to do the snow removal for you while you stay inside. But if that option isn’t available here are a few tips to keep safe before going out and moving snow.

  1. Do not shovel snow after eating or while smoking.
  2. Stretch before starting and take it slow
  3. Shovel only fresh snow.
  4. PUSH rather than lift snow
  5. If you must lift fill shovel partially or get a smaller shovel
  6. Lift with your legs, not your back! (Obvious but must be said.)
  7. Do not work till you exhausted.


Other Handy Tools

Sometimes the snow is already compacted and its ice underneath. You can’t shovel ice no matter how hard you try. The only options you have left is to either break it down or melt it away. To avoid slipping hazards use a floor scraper or spade to break the ice and move it aside. The tool is ideal for thin ice or softer ice, easy to cut and push around. You can also use road salt if you need to melt the ice or sand to add more friction to the ground. The salt can handle more compacted areas where the scraper would take to long.

Final Thoughts

The holidays are almost here, and winter is in no rush to go. So take the time and make your home safe this time of year. Scrape the ice, shovel the snow, and make your entryway warm and inviting. And hey, If you still need a gift this late into the holidays, I’m pretty sure no one would mind having a new snow shovel. Maybe that will give them a hint to go and clear the driveway.

Did you find this article helpful? Know anyone who needs a snow shovel as a gift this winter? Then check out Acme Tools online store to one that would be an excellent gift for that lazy someone in your life. If you have a tool head in your life, you can also find great deals as well online. Need more help clearing snow, but a shovel won’t do? Check out Acme Tools Blog for articles on the best snow blowers for this year and other tool news.

Stay safe this holiday season and enjoy your time with family and friends. Once the holidays are over, we’ll be here to help you so you can Do Your Best Work.

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