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A construction worker cuts a bundle using a Crescent three and a quarter inch drop point aluminum handle pocket knife

Crescent Releases New Line of Pocket Knives

Crescent Tools, one the largest manufacturers of hand tools, unveiled a new line of pocket knives. Designed for professional tradespeople, the new blades can be counted on as your everyday carry knife on the jobsite. The four new knives feature different blade and handle materials to suit every personal style and need. The Latest from…

Oscillating Multi-Tool blades cutting different materials like drywall, metal, wood, door trim, nails, and grout.

Oscillating Multi-Tool Blades for Every Application

Oscillating multi-tools and their wide variety of blades and accessories allow a wide range of users to tackle numerous projects. Whether you’re a professional in many trades or a DIYer, multi-tools are a must. The compact size and lightweight of an oscillating tool, aka oscillating multi-tool (OMT), allows the operator to work in places other…

DeWalt’s New Wood Cutting Circular Saw Blades

DeWalt releases new blades with a new innovative tooth design for any woodcutting application. Get improved strength and durability, even when using against nail embedded boards, while getting straight and accurate cuts. What’s New? DeWalt always gives its users quality tools and accessories, and their blades are no exception. These blades have improved tooth design…

Milwaukee Tools’ New All Purpose Circular Saw Blades

Cuts Like a Laser, But Cool to the Touch A weird sentence to perfectly describe the new blades by Milwaukee. These blades are made from 100 percent steel, cut right from the sheet. This method and material ensure a stable blade with increased accuracy. Each blade as well has polymer-filled vibration slots to help minimize…