Milwaukee Tools’ New All Purpose Circular Saw Blades

Cuts Like a Laser, But Cool to the Touch

A weird sentence to perfectly describe the new blades by Milwaukee. These blades are made from 100 percent steel, cut right from the sheet. This method and material ensure a stable blade with increased accuracy. Each blade as well has polymer-filled vibration slots to help minimize wobble and warping during applications. The last thing you would want is a crooked line in your material, which might not be reusable.

What’s So Different About Them?

But just like a snowflake, each blade is unique and different. There are over 30 different blades at your disposal and each one made to tackle a certain job. For the D.I.Y.’s there is a section of the blades called General Purpose, so if you just want to cut, this would be up your alley. Though if you’re looking for something precise you can definitely find one to suit your need. They cover from; ripping, framing, fine finish, ultra-fine, combination, and even fiber cement.
To go even more in depth they have other categories as well for the blades. In this classification, it is for the material you would be working with. Those two categories would be wood-cutting and PCD (Polycrystalline Diamond) for your Fiber Cement options. Not to forget that the different sizes ranging from 5-3/8” to 12” in diameter.

Cutting Through Fiber Cement!?

Now cutting through cement is no easy task, hence it needs its own category for cutting (PCD). Now, these blades will offer a longer life than other carbide-tipped blades. In comparison, it will last 75 times longer than its carbide-tipped companion.
Each blade was optimized to deliver a high-performance cutting experience by using the geometry of each and every cobalt-infused tungsten carbide tooth. With the launch of their new Circular Saw Blades, Milwaukee Tool demonstrates its investment in cutting innovation to drive solutions that save time and increase productivity on the job site.


Whatever job you’re doing, if it requires cutting, Milwaukee has a blade for that. If this doesn’t fit your need, there will be more to come soon.

Wood-Cutting Circular Saw Blades Wood-Cutting Circular Saw Blades (cont.)
5-1/2″ 18T Framing 10″ 40T + 60T Two Pack
5-3/8″ 16T Framing 10-1/4″ 28T Framing
5-3/8″ 36T Fine Finish 10-1/4″ Fine Finish
6-1/2″ 24T Framing 12″ 44T General Purpose
6-1/2″ 40T Fine Finish 12″ 60T Combination
7-1/4″ 24T Framing 12″ 80T Fine Finish
7-1/4″ 40T Fine Finish 12″ 100T Ultra Fine Finish
7-1/4″ 60T Ultra Fine Finish 12″ 44T + 80T Two Pack
8-1/4″ 24t Framing 6-1/2″ 24T Framing
8-1/4″ 40T Fine Finish 7-1/4″ 24T Framing
8-1/2″ 40T General Purpose 7-1/4″ 40T Fine Finish
8-1/2″ 60T Fine Finish 7-1/4″ 24T Basic Framer
10″ 24T Ripping 7-1/4″ 60T Ultra Fine Finnish
10″ 40T General Purpose PCD/Fiber Cement Circular Saw Blades
10″ 50T Combination 7-1/4″ PCD/Fiber Cement
10″ 60T Fine Finish 10″ PCD/Fiber Cement
10″ 80T Ultra Fine Finish 12″ PCD/Fiber Cement


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