Milwaukee’s New ProPEX Tools Create Constant Connections

Create constant PEX connections with Milwaukee ProPEX expansion tools. Milwaukee® and Uponor® have teamed up to produce the plumbing industry’s first 3-inch PEX pipe and the M18™ FORCELOGIC™ ProPex® expander tool. PEX pipe fittings are easier to install than many traditional fittings and are the only ones that get stronger with time. Milwaukee tools created the ProPex expansion tools to uniformly expand pipes to ensure tight and consistent connections.

Milwaukee ProPex tools are part of the line of Milwaukee M12 cordless press and expansion tools, and they feature auto-rotating heads and are both lightweight and compact for one-handed use. These Pex expander tools are easy to use and connect in just three steps: simply choose and install the appropriate expansion head, place the head inside the end of the pipe and press the trigger. Once the pipe is expanded, release the trigger and remove the tool.

ProPEX ForceLogic Expander

One of the most exciting M18 cordless press and expansion tools is the Forcelogic expansion tool. This tool features a versatile design the creates the optimal balance for all types of connections. This Milwaukee expansion tool uses REDLITHIUM™ batteries, ensuring your tool has the power you need and a lengthy charge.

ImageProduct NamePart NumberTypeStyle
M18 Force Logic 2 in. to 3 in. ProPEX Expansion Tool KitMilwaukee M18 ForceLogic 2-Inch to 3-Inch ProPEX Expander2633-22HDM18ProPEX Expander
M18 ProPEX Expansion Tool KitMilwaukee M18 ProPEX Expansion Tool Kit2632-22XCM18ProPEX Expansion Tool
M12 ProPEX Expansion Tool XC KitMilwaukee M12 ProPEX Expansion Tool Kit2432-22XCM12ProPEX Expansion Tool
M12 ProPEX Expansion Tool BareMilwaukee M12 ProPEX Expansion Tool Bare2432-20M12ProPEX Expansion Tool

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