Milwaukee Tool ONE-KEY Is The Future Of Power Tool Management

Track and adjust your tool settings with the Milwaukee ONE-KEY wireless mobile application. The Milwaukee® ONE-KEY™ system enhances your crew’s performance in several ways. The app invites you to change speed and torque settings with on-screen controls. You can create profiles based on your most common requirements and select each one with the touch of a button. These Milwaukee tool controls help you improve workforce efficiency, increasing speed without stripping materials. The ONE-KEY system simplifies everything and supports many of the latest Milwaukee M18 tools.

Performance Data

This powerful system also provides performance data. Use the wireless sync feature to connect the Milwaukee ONE-KEY application to compatible power tools and find all the necessary information. These reports update to the cloud with wireless and cellular connections, giving you up-to-date information on every job. The system automatically catalogs speed and torque performance, so the team in the office has constant feedback from the crew in the field. Whether you need to know more about a particular Milwaukee impact driver or a crimper, this system provides intricate input at the touch of a button.

Power Tool Management

In addition to personalized power settings and cloud-based reporting, the power tool management system helps you catalog your most important inventory. You can just enter the information about the tools you want to track to organize information for later. Milwaukee ONE-KEY does not require compatible tools for inventory management. It works with every tool in your shop. Please upload your list from a spreadsheet and organize the information however you’d like. The information automatically syncs when your team updates their notes, and you can access the catalog from anywhere. This system also stores receipts and warranty documents. Downloading the Milwaukee ONE-KEY application to your cell phone or mobile device doesn’t cost anything.

ImageProduct NamePart NumberType
M18 FUEL Hammer Drill/Impact with One Key Combo KitM18 FUEL Hammer Drill/Impact with One Key™ Combo Kit2996-22Combo Kit
M18 FUEL 1/2 in. Drill with One KeyM18 FUEL 1/2 in. Drill with One Key2805-20Drill

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