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How To Choose A Makita Cordless Grinder

Choosing A Makita Cordless Grinder Cut through sheet metal and pipe, quickly clean up welds, or carve your way into stone during a home construction with flexibility and freedom when you use a Makita cordless grinder. This tool offers multiple uses, including grinding, cutting, and polishing. The cordless variety lets you work in tight spaces…

Heated Gear

How To Keep Warm on the Jobsite

Your clients expect the job to get done despite various weather conditions. It’s critical to keep you and your crew warm enough in the cold season. More than just comfort, proper heating keeps muscles loose so workers can complete their tasks quickly and with better results. It also helps to prevent hypothermia and other health…

Enjoy Superior Power and Precision with Makita Rotary Hammers

You should trust your tools for concrete and masonry work and use Makita USA. Makita power tools undergo severe tests before they leave the manufacturer. These robust tools provide the power you need for harsh concrete and masonry jobs. Makita® rotary hammers feature high-quality materials and incorporate innovative design features to help you sustain control while…