Makita Drills Add Versatility And Performance On Every Project

Craftsmen rely on high-quality tools for efficiency and speed. That’s the idea behind these Makita® drills. These tools feature multiple speed settings and a variety of body styles, so you always have the fit you need to complete your job. Need as much torque as you can get? Makita drills rely on high-quality motors to deliver tons of power. Need to reach tight spaces? These tools provide angled chucks for added control near corners and behind obstructions.

Makita USA cordless drills provide even more freedom than Makita USA corded drills. These tools use long-lasting batteries that keep their motors running long after you start work. Makita USA cordless power tools resist self-discharge and connect with rapid chargers to quickly regain their performance time after time. Many of these cordless tools feature BL™ Brushless Motors that help maintain torque and increase run-time, even under pressure. If you want a complete set, look for cordless drill driver kits with matching cases and LXT® Advantage batteries.

Quality Control

You need a versatile tool that provides enough power for all your most frequent tasks. Makita tools undergo over a dozen quality checks before they get the manufacturer’s approval. This includes a thorough run test that lasts no less than three minutes and heat treatment on every gear to ensure durability. Quality assurance tests and a commitment to powerful performance allow Makita drills to sustain their performance for as long as you need them. That’s part of the manufacturer’s appeal. Makita USA has more than a century of experience working with professional craftsmen, and craftsmen depend on the company for long-lasting performance.

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ImageProduct NamePart NumberTypeStyle
Makita 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Brushless Cordless 3-Speed Impact Driver Kit18V LXT Lithium-Ion Brushless Cordless 3-Speed Impact Driver KitXDT01CordlessImpact Driver
Makita 4,000 RPM Drywall Screwdriver4,000 RPM Drywall ScrewdriverFS4200Electric / cordedDrywall Screwdriver
Makita 1/2 In. Angle Drill1/2 In. Angle DrillDA4031Electric / cordedAngle Drill
Makita 5/8 In. Hammer Drill Kit5/8 In. Hammer Drill KitHP1641KElectric / cordedHammer Drill Kit

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