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How to choose the best Lifting and Rigging Equipment

Choosing lifting and rigging equipment Every large-scale job differs from the previous one. For example, the equipment used to haul a sailboat out of the water for inspection, cleaning, and painting differs from the rigging equipment used to set up the stage for the next big rock concert. Both instances require a specific set of…

Ladder Safety On The Job And At Home

Ladders are familiar job site and around the house tools that provide access to difficult-to-reach locations. Choosing the right ladder for the job at hand and placing it properly prevents accidents and lets you work efficiently. Ladder safety is simple when you follow a few basic usage guidelines. Ladder safety begins with picking the right…


Welding Safety and What it Means for You and Your Clients

Every industry must respect workplace safety, and metalworking is no exception. Welding creates fumes that are very dangerous when inhaled, and metalworkers deal with extremely hot metal and dangerous equipment on a daily basis. Welding safety begins with a thorough understanding of what could go wrong and how to be prepared if something happens. Risks…

Potential Pitfalls Facing the Electrical System in Older Homes

Electrical System Issues in Older Homes

Electrical work has come a long way throughout the years with advancements in Electrical Systems and Electrical Tools. A well-designed, modern electrical system is pre-planned, well-contained, and attached to an electrical panel that is designed to properly handle the current for each area of the home. Older electrical systems do not have the safeguards that…