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11 Tips To Stay Safe This Winter

Winter is a tough time of year, especially in the snowy, cold north. As leaves begin to fall and ice creeps back to our windshields in the mornings, take some time to prepare yourself for the chilly months ahead and plan on winter safety. 1. Take It Slow Whether you’re walking or driving, there’s no…


When working on a job site, there are already so many things to watch out for on the ground, and the last thing you should worry about is something falling from above you. In honor of their safety week, DEWALT is announcing its newest lanyard-ready solutions to protect your tools, batteries, and workers. Safely Secured…

Are You Afraid of Falling?

Scared of Heights?! The Werner Podium Ladder is Here to Help. When people work above ground on a ladder I’m scared for them. Slipping off the ladder, that feeling of vertigo, and falling from so high. I get shivers down my spine just thinking about it. Then I found out about the Werner podium ladder….

10 Things to Help Prepare for a Flood

As winter ends and spring begins, the first thing to go is the snow. With how the weather likes to work up here in the Mid-West, you must be prepared for the sudden appearance of water. Not to mention spring and summer showers that can seem unpredictable. But don’t worry. Acme Tools has a list…

Person on ladder cleaning gutters

How to Safely Clean Gutters

Fall is a beautiful and colorful time of the year. Unfortunately, those beautiful colors inevitably clog up our gutters in the spring. We know that no one wants to do it, but eventually, you have to. Clearing debris from your gutters prevents water buildup and possible damage to your roof and gutters. Below, you can…

hitachi cordless framing nail gun nr1890dr nr1890dc feature image axe cutting log

Hitachi NR1890DC and NR1890DR Cordless Framing Nailers Review

Hitachi Power Tools Cuts the Cord Hose with its new series of cordless framing nailers. Get more done with less and experience total fastening freedom from Hitachi by losing the dirty hose, the noisy compressor and expensive gas cartridges. These cordless framing nailers utilize Hitachi’s unique Air Spring Drive System that uses sealed compressed air to drive…

Safety Tips For Using A Chainsaw

The best thing about outdoor power equipment is that it lets you get all sorts of work done in very little time. Tools such as chainsaws require a certain amount of knowledge to use safely. You can also decrease your chance of injury by outfitting yourself with proper personal protective equipment, or PPE. Safe Practices Make For…