10 Things to Help Prepare for a Flood

As winter ends and spring begins, the first thing to go is the snow. With the way the weather likes to work up here in the Mid-West, you have to be prepared for the sudden appearance of water. Not to mention spring and summer showers that can seem unpredictable. But don’t worry Acme Tools has a list to help you alleviate these problems and have you prepared, if a flash flood ever happens. Here are the 10 Tips to Help Prepare for a Flood.

How to Prepare For a Flood

    1. Have a Plan: Broken down into two steps.
      • First, know your risk. Are you in a flood danger zone? Are you close to a body of water? Does you house have cracks and/or leaks that can let water in?
      • Establish an evacuation route. Do this to avoid flooded areas and places with high traffic
    2. Have a Flood Kit/Emergency Kit prepared. It should include: a first-aid kit, flashlights, portable radio, extra batteries, a multi-tool, a whistle, and duct tape.
    3. Water proof your basement. Check you basement for leaks and cracks in its foundation and windows that peak out. Make sure to also check all window sills for cracks and leaks as well.
    4. Have a Generator and Sump Pump. When the rain comes down, it pours! Having a pump ready and waiting will help keep any windows that underground safe and dry, not mention your basement. Having a generator will help supply energy to it in case the power goes out.
    5. Install Water Alarms. This is self explanatory but in case water does come through your sealed fortress you need to know immediately! Placing water alarms next to your pumps and areas where water might seep in will be detrimental to reacting in time.
    6. Clear Debris From Gutters and Downspouts. A seasonal chore for sure, but an important one. Especially after a long winter you need to make sure that all the gunk, junk, and debris is out. If not this can cause major damage to your house. If water can go down the drain it will leak over the gutter causing wood damage to your roof and walls. Same as if your downspout is blocked it can cause damage to your wall as well and your foundation.

When You Know a Flood is Coming…

Now that we walked about what we can do to prep for the storm, lets talk about what we can do as the storm comes.

  1. Move Valuables, Furniture, and Important Document. This is for those who have important things their basement that they can’t afford losing. All be it, if you have the time move the couch, but make sure that any records that you need are safe first and tucked away. Even better make copies if you can.
  2. Have at least 3-Day supply of Food and Water. Stock up on food and water, you never know how long you’ll be stuck at home. Make sure that the food you get doesn’t require refrigeration. Grab canned food, non-perishables, and maybe a few bars if you can.

These last two tips vary if you are staying in your home or evacuating. Knowing both isn’t a bad idea as sometimes plans change as situation worsens or get better.

  1.  If you are Evacuating. TURN OFF EVERYTHING! This means power, gas, and water. You don’t want to come home to danger. Gas leaking, power outlets still producing electricity, and you water supply being contaminated with debris and who-knows what. Be safe and worry about the bill later.
  2. If you are Staying. FILL UP YOUR SINKS AND TUBS WITH WATER! Same as with the buying 3 days worth of water, same principle applies. You don’t know how long you’ll be stuck and you don’t know if the water in the pipes during or after the storm are clean. To be safe have some drawn out before the storm, so that way you know its good to use.

Final Thoughts

If you need to purchase more of these material at once Acme Tools does offer a road side assistance emergency kit that has similar tools as listed. However, it’s still recommended to purchase the items on the above lists that are not included in the kit. As always, stay safe and look out for one another in dangerous situations.

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