Are You Afraid of Falling?

Scared of Heights?! The Werner Podium Ladder is Here to Help.

When people work above ground on a ladder I’m scared for them. Slipping off the ladder, that feeling of vertigo, and falling from so high. I get shivers down my spine just thinking about it. Then I found out about the Werner podium ladder.

Being terrified of heights makes working on a ladder difficult. The higher it gets the worse it is. The podium ladder from Werner relieves those fears while making improvements on a staple for job-sites and homes.

What Makes Werner’s Podium Ladder the Best?

  • More space to work on its extra-large platform
  • 4 times the work zone, able to turn 360º
  • Extended guardrail provides a third point of contact
  • Guardrail also organizes tools and accessories
  • Type IA Duty Rating, able to hold 300 lbs.
  • Casters (on certain models) that make moving easier

The Werner Podium Ladder comes in varying sizes to fit the jobs you need. From a 19 in. step stool to a 12 ft. tall ladder, and everything in between. A great addition for anyone who needs to reach up into high places and stand for minutes on end.

Werner Podium Ladder Details

Every feature has safety and efficiency in mind. With the bigger platform, it means no longer dancing around or turning in weird positions to face what you’re doing. The guardrail not only gives more stability but also holds tools and accessories. Meaning, less time going up and down the ladder to get material. Which can be a real pain if you’re coming down from 12 ft. and just didn’t have enough space to hold one more thing.

Moving around won’t be a problem either. With certain models having casters at the bottom, it makes it easy to move around. Locking and securing won’t be an issue either. When applying pressure to the steps the casters sink down and secure themselves.

Who Uses A Podium Ladder?

This Werner podium ladder is perfect for electricians, construction workers, and even around the house. Standing on those small skinny steps will be a thing of the past. The platform will give you the bit of ease that you need after working all day in the field. Less foot fatigue, more space to hold your tools, which means less climbing, and something to keep you in place so you don’t have to worry about falling anymore.


Casters allowing for easier movement, an extra-large platform for more leg room, a guardrail that offers both stability and storage, being able to turn 360 degrees without having to adjust the whole ladder, and 1A Duty Rating, this ladder is perfect for small and large jobs.

So with all safety advantages of the Werner Podium Ladder, I still need to ask: Are you afraid of falling now?

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