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3 Tips for Generator Safety

Generators Can Be Helpful During Times Of Natural Disaster Disasters of any kind, natural or man made, are exactly that… disastrous and extremely costly. Let’s quickly look at what some of the worst disasters in North America have cost to clean up and fix. Hurricane Katrina 2010 – $145B Northridge Earthquake 1994 – $60B Hurricane…

hi-vis clothing

Hi-Vis Safety Clothing Is Not Just For The Highway

Why Hi-Vis Safety Clothing has Value for EVERYONE and not just workers. Every 15 hours. That’s how often a fatality occurred in work zone crashes in 2013, according to the Federal Highway Administration. And it’s no wonder, given that with cellphones, kids, makeup, newspapers, etc., today’s drivers are more distracted now than ever before. Who…

respirable silica dust, bosch dustless solutions

Respirable Silica Dust Levels Must Be Reduced On Every Jobsite

The Clock Is Ticking On OSHA’s Silica Dust Requirements Every jobsite in America where concrete is cut, drilled or requires grinding changed on March 24, 2016. That’s when the U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) ruling was announced that reduces worker exposure to respirable silica dust in an eight-hour period from…

Code Check

National Electric Code Article 250 – Grounding

Grounding in the National Electrical Code You get reminders every day. Reminders on your phone, reminders in your email, reminders in your texts. Some reminders get kind of annoying, but some reminders are there to keep you safe. If you haven’t read article 250.4 – Grounding in the National Electrical Code lately, then consider this a reminder….

Multimeter Safety

Multimeter Safety Tips

The Multimeter is one of the coolest things invented if you ask me. This cool little box can measure invisible forces like voltage, current, and resistance, just to name a few. One other function is to keep you safe. But did you know that there are a couple of extremely dangerous situations where you can get…

Preparing for Winter Storms

Preparing For Winter Storms

How To Prepare For A Winter Storm Heavy snow, ice, sub-zero temperatures and high winds create conditions that make travel impossible and may affect utilities and emergency services. Winter weather can also have a significant impact on your family and home if you’re not ready for it. Preparing for winter storms can help keep your…