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Cleaning Rusty Tools

How to Clean Rusty Tools

Even if rust has built up on your tools for years, there are ways to clean them effectively without damaging their surfaces. This article summarizes the best rust removal solutions to help you learn how to clean rusty tools more efficiently—from chemical rust removers to homemade remedies and DIY techniques. So before you throw away…

Many tools sit in the background of title card.

Explaining Tool Slang and Nicknames

Throughout many industries, slang or specific words have become familiar names for products. Some are regional, such as a soft drink being called a pop, soda, or “Coke.” Some are brand names that have become synonymous with a specific product, such as many people calling gelatin ” Jello” or tissues “Kleenex.” The tool industry is…

Best Tools of 2019 at Acme Tools

The Best Tools of 2019 at Acme Tools

At Acme Tools, we carry only the best of the best, but some tools stand out from the rest. As the year comes to an end, we’re reviewing some of the best tools of 2019 that either flew off the shelves or had customers in awe. Whether you need a router for your next woodworking…

Halloween Costumes: Terror & Power Tools

As Halloween looms, we get creative and work on our costume ideas. Being tool enthusiasts, we paired our costume ideas with different tools and accessories we had lying around. Please read our ideas to create the creepiest Halloween costumes this season. Chainsaws A chainsaw may be the scariest and most utilized power tool during Halloween….