How To Grow Your HVAC Business, Think Like a Customer

Today’s customers are fairly savvy. Thanks to Google searches and the like, many of your potential customers have a general idea of what they are looking for when searching for a HVAC contractor. If you think like a customer, and are ready to provide the right type of information and assurance, you will have a leg up on your competitors.

So, here’s what today’s savvy customers are likely to want and expect when shopping for an HVAC contractor.

  • Customers want their contractor to be certified. It’s also beneficial to let them know if you are a member of an association or partnered with ENERGY STAR.
  • Many customers want more than an estimate over the phone. They expect you to come out to inspect their situation.
  • They want their contractor to be current with the latest technology and be able to explain it in simple terms.
  • They may expect to see a survey of their home and a proposal based on a heat-load calculation (or cooling-load calculation).
  • They may already know that their furnace and central air conditioner may not be properly sized for the home due to improper sizing years ago or energy efficiency improvements to their home. They know that a good contractor will not use the existing equipment to size a new heating or cooling system.
  • Customers want clear and understandable explanations and solutions to problems with their old equipment.
  • Using heat-load and/or cooling-load calculations, they would like you to be able to estimate the annual operating costs for the equipment you proposing for thier home.
  • They expect a written bid outlining the equipment to be installed, the work to be done, and the price, including labor costs.
  • Savvy customers know that better contractors usually cost more. Be ready to explain why you offer better value.
  • They want you to be prompt and courteous. This is a good indicator of your professionalism and how you will handle their business.
  • There’s a good chance the customer will ask friends and relatives for recommendations. It’s a good idea to have a referral program to help spread the good word. Consider offering your customers an incentive for referring a new customer to you.

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